1. Application of phosphate and edta on as(v) removal in gold mine tailings by electrokinetic remediation
Udomsak Boonmeerati and Pantawat Sampanpanish

2. Arsenic removal using electro-coagulation: suitable electrode selection
Nil Sadhan Mondal, Saurabh Kumar Basak, Pankaj Kumar Roy, Arunabha Majumder, and Asis Mazumder

3. Effect of copper concentration on lead and cadmium bioavailability in children age 9 to 15-year-old in zinc contaminated areas
Tippawan Chaiwong, Pramote Loeskhampom, and Sanhawat Chaiwong

4. Genetic differentiation and bioaccumulation factor after heavy metal exposure in edible aquatic plants near a municipal landfill
Patcharin Ruchuwararak, Somsak Intamat, and Lamyai Neeratanaphan

5. Lead and mercury bioaccumulation in the fish of floating net cage fisheries
Mariana Marselina and Qori Atur R. Suhada

6. Monitoring of carbamate insecticide residues in cucumbers produced from conventional and greenhouse farming systems
Pantip Hinhumpatch and Wandee Wattanachaiyingcharoen

7. The natural lipolytic yeast candida sp. rmutsb-27 isolated from pineapple for treatment of cooking oil contaminated wastewater
Pitchya Tangsombatvichit, Kanjana Pisapak, and Paweena Suksaard

8. Plankton response to the potential acid deposition in situ patengan bandung
Efadeswarni, Retno Puji Lestari, and Nurrahmah Azizah

9. Implication of climatic factors on dengue fever in urban area: case study in 2012-2016
Ruhil A. Adnan, Mohamad F. Ramli, Hidayathul F. Othman, Zulfa H. Asha’ri, Sharifah N. S. Ismail, Muhammad A. Zaudi, Amir K. Hamidon, Da’u A. Umar, and Mohd S. Samsudin

10. Trend analysis of meteorological parameters of adelaide, south australia
N. Natarajan and M. Vasudevan