1. Climate resilience: concepts, theory and methods of measuring
Adi Subiyanto, Rizaldi Boer, Edvin Aldrian, Perdinan, Rilus Kinseng

2. Accounting for external costs in the allocation of carbon emissions quotas for selected industries in thailand
Isaree Jirajariyavech, Sompote Kunnoot, and Krit Iemthanon

3. Variability and trend of heat index in thailand during 1975-2017 and their relationships with some demographic-health variables
Wutthichai Paengkaew, Atsamon Limsakul, Rittirong Junggoth, and Somsak

4. Performance of multi-layer perceptron-neural network versus random forest regression for sea level rise prediction
Tika Olivia Bt Muslim, Ali Najah Ahmed and Marlinda Abdul Malek

5. Optimization of silt pit dimensions and the water supply period in oil palm plantation by artificial neutral network estimation
Husam Hasan Abdulaali, Christopher Teh Boon Sung, Ali H. Abdulaali, Md Rowshon Kamal, and Roslan Ismail

6. Multivariate statistical appraisal of trace elements in shallow groundwater of keana nigeria
Abuh Momoh, Mimonitu Opuwari, Osaji .E. Patrick, Imagbe .O. Lucky, Ajadi Jimoh

7. Removal of iron (ii) by burkholderia pseudomallei in brackish environment
Harmin Sulistyaning Titah, Rizky Islami Putera, Herman Pratikno, and Atiek Moesriati

8. Phytoremediating capacity of copper tolerant plants in mine tailing soil materials with compost amendment in mankayan benguet, philippines
Marjorie D. delos Angeles, Inocencio E. Buot Jr., Virginia C. Cuevas, and Pearl B. Sanche

9. Heavy metals levels in breast milk of lactating mothers working in heavy metals contaminated factories
Pokkate Wongsasuluk, Saowanee Sematong, Mark Robson and Wattasit Siriwong

10. Effects of silver nanoparticles on the carotenoid production from haematococcus pluvialis
Cheng Wan Hee, Wong Ling Shing, Lau Man Tian, Chong Mee Yoke and Ong Ghim Hock

11. Environmental health professionals in developed countries
Withida Patthanaissaranukool, Prayoon Fongsatitkul , and Chaowalit Warodomrungsimun

12. Industrial wastes to wastes disposal management by using box jenkins-arima models and created applications: case study of four waste transport and disposal service providers in thailand
Supawut Sriploy, Krittiya Lertpocasombut

13. Effect of passive aeration on fed batch composting of organic waste in compost bioreactors
Isara Prohmdetbun, Thares Srisatit

14. Geopolymer bricks from concrete residue and palm oil fuel ash: evaluating physical-mechanical properties, life cycle assessment and economic feasibility
Suthatta Dontriros, Praemai Nooaek, and Nuta Supakata

15. Predictive model of conservation regulatory compliance: evidence from thailand’s national park visitors
Thanakrit Sangchoey, Noppawan Tanakanjana Phongkhieo, Thawan Nieamsup