1. Institutional analysis of limitations to climate resilient urban development planning: the case of udon thani province
Wijitbusaba Marome and Thitirat Pholcharoen

2. Impacts of land use changes on carbon stocks, greenhouse gas, and carbon economic value of agriculture, forestry and other land use (afolu) sector in coastal area of yi san sub-district, samut songkhram province, thailand between 2001 and 2015
Sopana Jantawong, Nipon Tangtham, and Puntip Jongkroy

3. Dual roles of soils on landfill leachate treatment and their soils carbon sequestration
Orrathai Chueawong, Paiboon Prabuddham, and Onanong Phewnil

4. Appropriate transformation techniques to determine a modified standardized precipitation index for the ping river in northern thailand
Tanachot Chaito, Manad Khamkong, and Pennapar Murnta

5. Change of odor distribution due to improvement of wastewater treatment plants in a tapioca starch industry
Thanasorn Wimolrattanasil, Sarawut Thepanondh, Melanie L Sattler, Wanna Laowagul, Plernpis Pongprayoon, Aduldech Patpai, and Suteera Boonyapitak

6. Effect of solar radiation on cyanobacteria bloom in oxidation ponds community wastewater treatment at the king’s royally initiated laem phak bia environmental research and development project, phetchaburi, thailand
Sudaporn Sukchinda, Surat bualert, Onanong Phewnil, Thanit Pattamapitoon, and Manlika Srichomphu

7. Carbonaceous particle scavenging and thermal comfort augmentation with an extended green facade draped with vernonia elaeagnifolia
Chelliah Rajendran Sathish Kumar, Satyajit Ghosh, Siddharth Gumber, Revant Mishra, Jayaseelan Thangaraja, and Huiyi Yang

8. Ingestion of microplastics by commercial fish in skudai river, malaysia
Shazani Sarijan, Shamila Azman, Mohd Ismid Mohd Said, and Muhammad Hisyam Lee

9. Using lichen (dirinaria sp.) as bio-indicator for airborne heavy metal at selected industrial areas in malaysia
Azlan Abas, Norela Sulaiman, Nur Raihan Adnan, Siti Afifah Aziz, and Wan Nur Syahirah Wan Nawang

10. Rapid assessment of coastal biodiversity post-2015 chennai flood, india
Yambem Tenjing Singh, Rocktim Ramen Das, Deepak Samuel Vijay Kumar, Pandian Krishnan, Purvaja Ramachandran, and Ramesh Ramachandran

11. Seed storage behaviour of native forest tree species of northern thailand
Panya Waiboonya, Stephen Elliott , and Pimonrat Tiansawat

12. The leaching potential of pesticides in song phi nong district, suphan buri province, thailand
Sorranat Ratchawang, and Srilert Chotpantarat

13. Occurrence of airborne methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus in different hospital wards
Seyed Hamed Mirhoseini, Mahnaz Nikaeen, and Zahra Shamsizadeh

14. The effect of king pineapple leaf fiber (agave cantala roxb) fumigated toward the fiber wettability and the matrix epoxy interlocking ability
Musa Bondaris Palungan, Rudy Soenoko, and Femiana Gapsari

15. Association of health-related quality of life with residential distance from home stone-mortar factories in northern thailand
Sakesun Thongtip, Penprapa Siviroj, Athavudh Deesomchok, Anawat Wisetborisut, and Tippawan Prapamontol

16. Hearing capacity, noise level exposure and health effects in workers of pulp and paper plant, khon kaen province
Pornpun Sakunkoo, and Patthamaporn Kittikong

17. People perceptions on implementation of water meters in municipal water supply system: a case study from pollachi town, tamil nadu, india
Narayanan Natarajan, Ramasamy Sakthimanikandan, Gopal Harish Kumar, and Selvaraju Rajkumar