1. Decolorization of reactive black 5 from synthetic dye wastewater by fenton process
Sermpong Sairiam, Pumis Thuptimdang, and Pisut Painmanakul

2. Employment of surface modified biomaterial in sequestering divalent metal ion
J. Anuradha, and N. Muthulakshmi Andal

3. Adsorption of copper (ii) and nickel (ii) by chemical modified magnetic biochar derived from eichhornia crassipes
Chompoonut Chaiyaraksa, Watcharapol Boonyakiat, Wannisa Bukkontod, and Wanvisa Ngakom

4. A novel catalyst from water treatment sludge for catalytic ozonation to degrade phenol
IApiradee Sukmilin, Banjong Boonchom, and Chalor Jarusutthirak

5. Elimination of cr(vi) in laboratory wastewater using chitosan coated magnetite nanoparticles (chitosan@fe3o4)
Phetlada Sanchayanukun, and Sasithorn Muncharoen

6. Mobility retardation of cd, pb and mn in acid soil using phosphate fertilizers
Chompoonut Chaiyaraksa, and Natthanan Rodsa

7. Optimization conditions for increasing cation exchange capacity of coal fly ash zeolite modified with chitosan using box-behnken design
Pathanin Sangaroon, Thares Srisatit, and Pongsert Sriprom

8. Assessment of endocrine disrupting chemicals exposure in sea bass (lates calcarifer) and wild fishes using vitellogenin as a biomarker
Witchuda Prasatkaew, Phochit Nanthanawat, and Chutima Thanomsit

9. Morphological characterization of blood cells in five important estuarine fish species in thailand during juvenile stages
Naruebet Singkhanan, Jes Kettratad, Sinlapachai Senarat, Theerakamol Pengsakul, Chamnan Para, and Gen Kaneko

10. Correlation between nutrients distribution and location of green mussel farm areas at the coast of phetchaburi, phetchaburi province, thailand
Urairat Rattanavijit, Wit Tarnchalanukit, Kasem Chunkao, and Onanong Phewnil

11. Water quality assessment by using of water quality index for mak khaeng canal, udon thani province, thailand
Mathana Wongaree

12. E-sci knowledge framework in community water resources management
Nuttakit Iamsomboon, Pattarawat Jeerapattanatorn, and Piya Duangpatra

13. Priority areas for conservation planning in dong na tard provincial protected area, lao people’s democratic republic (lao pdr)
Somphong Chanthavong, and Inocencio E. Buot, Jr

14. Early assessment of shipping route and coral cover as drivers of acroporid white syndrome outbreak in karimunjawa, java sea, indonesia
Agus Sabdono, Ocky Karna Radjasa, and Diah Permata Wijayanti

15. Sea breeze climate and human thermal comfort over gaza, palestine
Z. Al Abadla, Uwe Schlink, M. M. Abdel Wahab, and S. M. Robaa

16. Land-cover change detection in a part of cameron highlands, malaysia using etm+ satellite imagery and support vector machine (svm) algorithm
Ayub Mohammadi, Himan Shahabi, and Baharin Bin Ahmad

17. Morphometric analysis of upstream sungai batu catchment in selangor, malaysia using geographical information system (gis)
Nur Khaliesah Abdul Malik, Latifah Abd Manaf, Nor Rohaizah Jamil, Mohd Hafiz Rosli, and Fasihah Mohd Yusof

18. Metallothionein as a biomarker of heavy metal (cd, cu, zn, pb, hg, ni, cr) pollution in hermit crab (clibanarius signatus)
Mohammad Talebi Matin, Ali Mashinchian, Mahmood Sinaei, and Shahla Jamili

19. Study of conservation and wise use of two important indian wetlands using contingent valuation technique
Malabika Biswas Roy, Sujit Pal, Mihir Pal, Pankaj Kumar Roy, and Abhishek Kumar