1. Optimization of biomass and oil production of scenedesmus obliquus grown in photobioreactor
Farouk K. El-Baz1, and Sayeda M. Abdo

2. Optimisation and stabilisation of cellulase and xylanase production by beauveria bassiana
Wanida Petlamul and Sawai Boukaew

3. Bioethanol production from an agrowaste, deoiled rice bran by saccharomyces cerevisiae mtcc 4780 via optimization of fermentation parameters
Tripti Agrawal, Shailesh Kumar Jadhav, and Afaque Quraishi

4. Mechanical properties of environment-friendly sugar palm fibre reinforced vinyl ester composites at different fibre arrangements
Ishak Muhammad Ammar, Mohd Roslim Muhammad Huzaifah, Salit Mohd Sapuan, Zulkiflle Leman and Mohamad Ridzwan Ishak

5. Characteristics of concrete bricks after partially substituting portland cement type 1 with cement and seashell waste and partially substituting sand with glass waste
Chanya Punthama, Nuta Supakata, and Vorapot Kanokkantapong

6. Bamboo fiber commodity in bali - reinforced-composite for sokasi craft to increase the tourism products
Nyoman Pasek Nugraha, K.Rihendra Dantes, Nyoman Arya Wigraha and Wayan Sudiarta

7. An index to determine community wellbeing along coastal community in leyte, philippines
Merites M. Buot and Ma Zenia C. Dulce

8. Acetylcholinesterase-inhibiting insecticide residues in commonly consumed fried edible insects
Thanatchaya Kanthawongwan, Wandee Wattanachaiyingcharoen, and Pantip Hinhumpatch

9. Heavy metal residue and potential human health risk factors of celosia argentea (lagos spinach) planted in a soil mixed with landfill leachate
Ogunyebi Amos Lanrewaju, Njoku Kelechi Longinus, Misbaudeen Quasim Olamilekan, Adesuyi Adeola Alex, Oludoye Oluseye Olalekan and Balogun Olanrewaju

10. Trends of heat-related mortality and association with weather variables in the northeast, thailand
Thiwakorn Rachutorn, Benjawan Twatsupa, Uraiwan Inmuong

11. Evaluation and projection of changes in temperature over northern thailand based on cmip5 models
Chakrit Chotamonsak, Punnathorn Thanadolmethaphorn, and Duangnapha Lapyai

12. The extreme climate indices for benghazi-libya from canadian regionalclimate model
Dalal M. El-Beshary, S, M. Robaa, Gamil G. Abd El-Motey, Zeinab Salah, and M. M. Abdel Wahab

13. Characteristics of black carbon aerosol at an educational site in southern india
R. M. Rajeshkumar, B. Vijay Bhaskar, K. Muthuchelian

14. Dust removal capacity of some tree species from ambient air in an indian metropolitan city
Sudipta Mukherjee, Pramita Sarkar, and Anirban Roy

15. Adsorption of organic dyes onto commercial activated carbon by using non-linear regression method
Hadjer Zeghache, Said Hafsi, and Noureddine Gherraf

16. Comparative studies on removal of textile dye onto geopolymeric adsorbents
Marouane EL Alouani, Saliha Alehyen, Mohammed EL Achouri and M’hamed Taibi

17. Comparison and evaluation of different leachate treatment processes for chemical oxygen demand and color removals - statistical assessment
Salem S. Abu Amr, Abbas F. M. Alkarkhi, Yusri Yusup, and Mohammed J.K. Bashir

18. The appropriate biochemical oxygen demand concentration for designing domestic wastewater treatment plant
Thanawat Jinjaruk, Parkin Maskulrath, Charintip Choeihom and Kasem Chunkao

19. Evaluation of dissolved oxygen stratification in an oxidation pond for community wastewater treatment through king’s royally initiated “nature by nature” process
Ruthairat Noikondee, Kasem Chunkao, Surat Bualert and Tanit Pattamapitoon

20. Decentralized biological compact unit for the removal of parasitic helminth ova during sewage treatment
Fayza Aly Nasr, Mahmoud Afw Gad, Ahmad Zakaria Al-Herrawy