1. Modeling spatio-vertical distribution of sulfate and total sulfide along the mangrove intertidal zone
Pasicha Chaikaew, Natpaphat Nawatrairat and Sarawut Srithongouthai

2. Study of extent and magnitude of arsenic in groundwater in uttar pradesh, india
Abhishek Kumar, Malabika Biswas Roy, Pankaj Kumar Roy and K.N.P. Raju

3. Evaluation of artificial neural networks for electrical conductivity and flow rate-based prediction of the nitrate nitrogen concentration in the u-tapao canal, hatyai, thailand
Suvalee Chuvanich, Krerkchai Thongnoo, Panalee Chevakidagarn and Amornrat Phongdara

4. Assessment of knowledge, attitude and practice of solid waste open burning in terengganu, malaysia
Mariani Ariffin and Wan Nor Amalina Wan Yacoob

5. Dynamic modeling of water storage capacity for the dilution of waste water of land utilization in the upper tha chin watershed, thailand
Banchongsak Faksomboon, Surat Bualert, Narouchit Dampin and Nipon Thangtham

6. Partitioning of 232th, 230th and 228th in the surface water of northwest peninsular malaysia coastal waters as tracer for spm sources
Nor Faizah MMK Noorulhudha and Che Abd Rahim Mohamed

7. Heavy metal concentration and risk assessment of soil and rice in and around an open dumpsite in thailand
Tanjira Klinsawathom, Benjaphorn Songsakunrungrueng and Preprame Pattanamahakul

8. Integration of spatially hydrological modelling on bentong catchment, pahang, peninsular malaysia using distributed gis-based rainfall runoff model
Rosli, M.H., Sulaiman, W.N.A., Jamil, N., Toriman, M.E. and Kamarudin M.K.A.

9. Distribution of gas phase polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (pahs) in selected indoor and outdoor air samples of malaysia: a case study in serdang, selangor and bachang, malacca
Haris Hafizal Abd Hamid, Lim Wan Wan, Ignatius Phang Ren Kai, Mohd Talib Latif and Narayanan Kannan

10. Investigation of ammonium and nitrite removal by zeolite material synthesized on red mud base
Pham Thi Mai Huong, Tran Hong Con and Tran Thi Dung

11. Changes of air pollution and climate forcing emissions due to fuel switching to gasohol in motorcycle fleet in an urban area of thailand
Rattapon Onchang, Kittipong Noisopa and Ittipol Pawarmart

12. Tropical ground-level ozone modeling in urban areas of thailand
Jirateep Theapiriyakit, Sawarose Suwannakoot and Sitthichok Puangthongthub

13. Light and ventilation analysis for infrastructure in an urban region - a case study
Awkash Kumar and Deepali Patil

14. Photocatalytic degradation of 2, 4-dichlorophenol using n-doped sno2/tio2 thin film coated glass fibers
Peerawas Kongsong, Lek Sikong and Mahamasuhaimi Masae

15. Integration of gis-based model with epidemiological data as a tool for dengue surveillance
Nazri Che Dom, Abu Hassan Ahmad, Zulkiflee Abd Latif and Rodziah Ismail

16. Climatology and spatio-temporal variability of wintertime total and extreme rainfall in thailand during 1970-2012
Atsamon Limsakul, Patama Singhruck and Lin Wang

17. Mycoremediation of textile dyes: application of novel autochthonous fungal isolates
Sweety, Sharad Vats, Manoj Kumar, Shivesh Sharma, Vivek Kumar and Shri K. Garg

18. Health risk assessment from haloacetic acids exposure in indoor and outdoor swimming pool water
Weerawat Ounsanaeha, Pimjai Kraisin, Thunwadee Tachapattaworakul Suksaroj,Chaisri Suksaroj and Cheerawit Rattanapan

19. Health risk assessment of nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide exposure from a new developing coal power plant in thailand
Tin Thongthammachart, Krittiya Pimkotr and Wanida Jinsart