1. Characterization of street dust nearby the holy mosques in ramadan and hajj seasons, saudi arabia
Abdel Hameed A. A, Ibrahim Y. H, Said Mounir, Habeeballah T, Elmorsy T. H

2. Evolution of pretreatment methods for nanofiltration membrane used for dissolved organic matter removal in raw water supply
Sirikul Siriraksophon , Charongpun Musikavong , Chaisri Suksaroj and Thunwadee Tachapattaworakul Suksaroj

3. Factors influencing blood cadmium and mercury concentrations in residents of agro-industries along nam phong river, thailand
Wannanapa Srathonghon , Wongsa Laohasiriwong, Somsak Pitaksanurat, Ganjana Nathapindhu, Dariwan Setheetham, Somsak Intamat, Teerasak Phajan and Lamyai Neeratanaphan

4. Evaluation of abnormal chromosomes in rice field frogs from reservoirs affected by leachate with cadmium, chromium and lead contamination
Uraiwan Phoonaploy , Somsak Intamat , Bundit Tengjaroenkul , Manop Sriuttha , Alongklod Tanamtong and Lamyai Neeratanaphan

5. Solid waste transportation through ocean currents- marine debris sightings and their waste quantification at port dickson beaches, peninsular malaysia
Chong Jing Yi and Narayanan Kannan

6. Qualitative assessment and management of microplastics in asian green mussels (perna viridis) cultured in bacoor bay, cavite, phillipines
Cristian Ryan Argamino and Jose Isagani B. Janairo

7. Associations between dengue hospitalizations and climate in can tho, vietnam, 2001-2011
Nguyen P. Toai, Dang V. Chinh, Amy Y. Vittor and Nguyen N. Huy

8. Ecosystem services tradeoffs- a case study of chiang khong, thailand
Apisom Intralawan and Ithiphat Rueangkitwat

9. Histological alteration in asian seabass (lates calcarifer) during exposed to non-essential and essential elements
Chutima Thanomsit , Jakkaphun Nanuam , Witchuda Prasatkaew , Panomsak Meemon and Phochit Nanthanawat

10. Life cycle assessment of cockles (anadara granosa) farming- a case study in malaysia
Siti Dina Razman Pahri , Ahmad Fariz Mohamed and Abdullah Samat

11. A household level analysis of water sanitation associated with gastrointestinal disease in an urban slum setting of south okkalapa township, myanmar
Zar Ni Hlaing, Aroonsri Mongkolchati and Cheerawit Rattanapan

12. Evaluation for long term pm10 concentration forecasting using multi linear regression (mlr) and principal component regression (pcr) models
Samsuri Abdullah , Marzuki Ismail, Si Yuen Fong and Al Mahfoodh Ali Najah Ahmed

13. Development model of oxide of nitrogen concentration and land use characteristics in bangkok area
Ratthapol Sillaparassamee , Kraichat Tantrakarnapa and Sopa Chinwetkitvanich

14. Evaluating impact of land use changes and climate variability on economic efficiency of farming in transboundary watershed of timor island
Werenfridus Taena , Lala M. Kolopaking , Bambang Juanda , Baba Barus and Rizaldi Boer

15. Effect of indole-3-acetic acid-producing bacteria on phytoremediation of soil contaminated with phenanthrene and anthracene by mungbean
Waraporn Chouychai , Thidarat Paemsom , Chittra Pobsuwan , Khanitta Somtrakoon and Hung Lee

16. Effect of biomass waste filler on the dielectric properties of polymer composites
Yew Been Seok , Wee Fwen Hoon , Martini Muhamad

17. Air quality assessment using interpolation technique
Awkash Kumar, Rashmi S. Patil, Anil Kumar Dikshit and Rakesh Kumar

18. Unialgal blooms of cyanobacteria in oxidation ponds of the king’s royally initiated laem phak bia environmental research and development project, thailand
Ratcha Chaichana and Narouchit Dampin

19. Households’ natural disaster preparedness- a view from a second class municipality in a developing country
Ricardo T. Bagarinao

20. Isolation and screening of diesel-degrading bacteria from the diesel contaminated seawater at kenjeran beach, surabaya
Pratiwi Putri Pranowo and Harmin Sulistiyaning Titah

21. Microphysical characterization of aerosol signatures over greece
Akshath Sharma, Sampann Arora, Pranav Chandramouli, Costas Varotsos, Sat Ghosh, Archit Verma and Ishan Saini

22. Lung function testing of school children living near industrial areas in rayong, thailand
Paradee Asa and Wanida Jinsart

23. A benthic macroinvertebrate multimetric index for assessment of the ecological integrity of northeast streams, thailand
Nantiya Rattanachan, Boonsatien Boonsoong, Paiboon Getwongsa, Yannawut Uttaruk and Narumon Sangpradub