1. Biological removal of phosphate using phosphate solubilizing bacterial consortium from synthetic wastewater- a laboratory scale
Dipak Paul and Sankar Narayan Sinha

2. Arsenite oxidation and arsenite resistance by bacillus sp. pnkp-s2
Pranee Pattanapipitpaisal, Natanong Yodsing, Rungpha Santhaweesuk and Phitthaya Wamakhan

3. Cadmium contamination and health assessment in frog microhyla fissipes living downstream of zinc mining area in thailand
Jirarach Kitana, Orasa Achayapunwanich, Panupong Thammachoti, Mohd Sham Othman, Wichase Khonsue and Noppadon Kitana

4. Coal mining vis-a-vis agriculture in india- a question of sustainability
Sribas Goswami and Ramananda Goswami

5. Mixing intensity effects of attached growth on enriched anammox cultures
Pongsak Noophan, Tippawan Boonyawat, Saengdao Saengsuwan and Siriporn Larpkiattaworn

6. Using swat to assess the critical areas and nonpoint source pollution reduction best management practices in lam takong river basin, thailand
Netnapa Pongpetch, Pongthep Suwanwaree, Chatpet Yossapol, Songkot Dasananda and Thongplew Kongjun

7. An analysis into the temporal variations of ground level ozone in the arid climate of makkah applying k-means algorithms
Said Munir , Turki M. Habeebullah , Atef M.F. Mohammed , Essam A. Morsy , Abdel Hameed A.H. Awad , Abdulaziz R. Seroji and Ibrahim A. Hassan

8. Effects of temperature and water soluble fraction of palm biodiesel and diesel fuel on hatchability and survival of first stage larvae of macrobrachium rosenbergii
Puncharas Gorcharoenwat, Somkiat Piyatiratitivorakul and Somchai Pengprecha

9. Altered immune response of the rice frog fejervarya limnocharis living in agricultural area with intensive herbicide utilization at nan province, thailand
Khattapan Jantawongsri, Panupong Thammachoti, Jirarach Kitana, Wichase Khonsue, Pakorn Varanusupakul and Noppadon Kitana

10. Influences of fly ash on concrete product s properties and environmental impact reduction
Thipsuree Kornboonraksa and Thirdpong Srisukphun

11. Response of malaysian local rice cultivars induced by elevated ozone stress
Marzuki Ismail, Azrin Suroto and Samsuri Abdullah

12. Cadmium removal from water and soil by a cadmium-resistant rhizobacterium and its effect on plant root elongation
Chirawee Sangthong, Siranan Duangboobpha and Benjaphorn Prapagdee

13. Characteristics of hailstorm over northern thailand during summer season
Pakdee Chantraket, Sukrit Kirtsaeng, Chanti Detyothin, Arisara Nakburee and Kasem Mongkala

14. Assessing coastal composite vulnerability indices on seasonal change in phetchaburi, thailand
Oraon Sarajit, Kanchana Nakhapakorn, Supet Jirakhajohnkool, Kanlaya Tienwong and Apisek Pansuwan

15. Evaluation of water quality of ganges river using water quality index tool
Prabodha Kumar Meher, Prerna Sharma, Yogendra Prakash Gautam, Ajay Kumar, Kaushala Prasad Mishra

16. Distribution of selected heavy metals in sediment of the river basin of coastal area of chanthaburi province, gulf of thailand
Jakkapan Potipat , Nongnutch Tangkrock-olan and Herbert F. Helander