1. Bioaccumulation of ddt residues in human serum- an historical use of ddt indoor residual spraying in malaria endemic regions of thailand
Punthip Teeyapant, Sujitra Sikaphan and Sittiporn Parnmen

2. Behavior of 210po and 210pb in shallow water region of mersing estuary, johor, malaysia
Noor Affizah Bujang Saili and Che Abd Rahim Mohamed

3. Removal of copper by eichhornia crassipes and the characterization of associated bacteria of the rhizosphere system
Raisa Kabeer , Rinoy Varghese , Jaysooryan Kazhuthuttil Kochu , Joshy George , Praveenkumar Chakkulathundiyil Sasi and Sylas Variyattel Poulose

4. Biodiesel production from residual palm oil contained in spent bleaching earth by in situ trans-esterification
A S Fahmil QRM, E. Gumbira-Sa’id and Ani Suryani

5. Degradation of total petroleum hydrocarbon in phytoremediation using terrestrial plants
Mushrifah Idris , Siti Rozaimah Sheikh Abdullah , Harmin Sulistiyaning Titah , Mohd Talib Latif and Rozita Ayub

6. Improvement of groundwater quality using constructed wetland foragricultural irrigation
Pantip Klomjek and Kasem Chunkao

7. Area and personal exposure levels to formaldehyde and its variation among undergraduate students during gross anatomy laboratory practice
Pensri Watchalayann , Adul Tapyai and Kajorn Lakchayapakorn

8. Activation of cassava stem biochar by physico-chemical method for stimulating cadmium removal efficiency from aqueous solution
Songkrit Prapagdee , Somkiat Piyatiratitivorakul and Amorn Petsom

9. The chemometric approach as a useful tool in the identification of metal pollution sources of riverine-mangrove sediment of kota marudu, sabah, malaysia
Ahmad Zaharin Aris , Nadzhratul Husna Ahmad Puad , Nur Aliaa Shafie , Looi Ley Juen , Sarva Mangala Praveena , Mohammad Firuz Ramli and Mohd Kamil Yusoff

10. Simple method for assessing spread of flood prone areas under historical and future rainfall in the upper citarum watershed
Bambang Dwi Dasanto , Rizaldi Boer , Bambang Pramudya and Yuli Suharnoto

11. Critical factors affecting the desertification in pa deng, adjoining area of kaeng krachan national park, thailand
Saowanee Wijitkosum

12. Assessment of genotoxicity through issr marker in pistia stratiotes induced by lead
Lamyai Neeratanaphan , Runglawan Sudmoon and Arunrat Chaveerach

13. Vulnerability index to climate change and its application for community-level risk assessment in thailand
Atsamon Limsakul , Wimonratlee Katasaenee , Wutthichai Paengkaew , Asadorn Kammuang , Danai Tipmanee and Penjai Sompongchaiyakul

14. Suitable types and constituent ratios for clay-pot water filters to improve the physical and bacteriological quality of drinking water
Watcharaporn Wongsakoonkan , Tawach Prechthai and Kraichat Tantrakarnapa

15. Small island tourism development plan implementation- the case of koh tao, thailand
Brian W. Szuster and John Dietrich

16. Application of new modis-based aerosol index for air pollution severity assessment and mapping in upper northern thailand
Chat Phayungwiwatthanakoon, Pongthep Suwanwaree and Songkot Dasananda

17. Health risk assessment and dna damage of volatile organic compounds in car painting houses
Patpida Siripongpokin , Voravit Cheevaporn , Nongnud Tangkrock-olan and Herbert F. Helander

18. Modeling the seasonal response of sediment yield to climate change in the laos-vietnam transnational upper ca river watershed
Pham Quy Giang , Kosuke Toshiki , Masahiro Sakata and Shoichi Kunikane