1. Fragmentation in the public administration for climate change mitigation- a major institutional constraint for energy policy in the transportation sector of thailand
Ratchaphong Klinsrisuk , Vilas Nitivattananon , Winai Wongsurawat and Edsel Sajor

2. An analysis of air pollution in makkah - a view point of source identification
Turki M. Habeebullah

3. Groundwater quality index for water supply production
Warangkana Sungsitthisawad and Somsak Pitaksanurat

4. Radar reflectivity derived rain-storm characteristics over northern thailand
Pakdee Chantraket, Chanti Detyothin and Anuchit Suknarin

5. Comparison of personal btex exposure and pregnancy outcomes among pregnant women residing in and near petrochemical industrial area
Nantaporn Phatrabuddha, Nipa Maharatchpong, Santi Keadtongtawee, and Sastri Saowakhontha

6. Solubilization and transformation of insoluble zinc compounds by fungi isolated from a zinc mine
Thanawat Sutjaritvorakul, Geoffrey M. Gadd, Kallaya Suntornvongsagul, Anthony J.S. Whalley, Sophon Roengsumran and Prakitsin Sihanont

7. Preliminary screening a potential ache inhibitor in thai golden shower (leguminosae mimosoideae) extracts
Jakkaphun Nanuam, Khobkul Nongnutch, Chawanrat Somnuek and Voravit Cheevaporn

8. Biodegradation of textile dyes by fungi isolated from north indian field soil
Arshi Shahid, Jagvijay Singh, Sandeep Bisht, Priyanku Teotia and Vivek Kumar

9. Bottom- wide approach to climate change - typology and analysis on climate vulnerability reduction through voluntary actions
Takaaki Miyaguchi and Kiyoto Yamaura

10. Prediction of hourly particulate matter concentrations in chiangmai, thailand using modis aerosol optical depth and ground-based meteorological data
Thongchai Kanabkaew

11. Metals accumulation and leaf surface anatomy of murdannia spectabilis growing in zn cd contaminated soil
Ladawan Rattanapolsan,Woranan Nakbanpote and Piyaporn Saensouk

12. Study of starch and sugar degradation and transformation during biotreatment process of wastewater from rice vermicelli production at craft villages in vietnam
Nguyen Thi Minh Sang, Tran Hong Con and Dong Kim Loan

13. Natural radioistopes of polonium and lead in the edible muscle of cultured seabass (lates calcarifer)
Noorliza Zakaria, Asnor Azrin Sabuti, Afiza Suriani Sarimin and Che Abd Rahim Mohamed