1. Airborne microorganism disinfection by photocatalytic hepa filter
Rotruedee Chotigawin, Pipat Sribenjalux, Sitthisuntorn Supothina, Jeff Johns, Lertchai Charerntanyarak and Paradee Chuaybamroong

2. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon contamination in nile tilapia (oreochromis niloticus) analysis in liver and bile
Voravit Cheevaporn, Montira Pindang and Herbert F. Helander

3. Distribution of heavy metals in rice plant cultivated in industrial effluent receiving soil
Abul Khaer Mohammad Rezaur Rahman, Syed Mohammod Hossain and Mir Md. Akramuzzaman

4. Adsorption kinetics of carbamate pesticide in rice field soil
Soontree Khuntong, Sanya Sirivithayapakorn, Pannee Pakkong and Cheema Soralump

5. Can genotoxic effect be model dependent in allium test-an evidence
Hemant Singh Rathore, Manisha Rathore, Suneeta Panchal, Mukesh Makwana, Anjali Sharma and Sharad Shrivastava

6. Uptake of arsenic in rice plant varieties cultivated with arsenic rich groundwater
Piyal Bhattacharya, Alok Chandra Samal, Jayjit Majumdar and Subhas Chandra Santra

7. Distribution of heavy metals in the different parts of cerithidea obtusa and the relationships between metal distribution and allometric parameters of the snail
Chee Kong YAP and Franklin Berandah EDWARD

8. Removal of cadmium and zinc from soil using immobilized cell of biosurfactant producing bacteria
Charoon Sarin and Siripun Sarin

9. Probabilistic risk assessment of cancer from exposure inorganic arsenic in duplicate food by villagers in ronphibun, thailand
Piyawat Saipan and Suthep Ruangwises

10. Effect of particulate matters from shipping activities around si racha bay -si chang island
Soontree Khuntong, Krirk Wongsorntam, Sarawut Thepanondh and Panya Khaenamkaew

11. Hazardous waste landfill siting using gis technique and analytical hierarchy process
Ozeair Abessi and Mohsen Saeedi

12. Asian summer monsoon and its associated rainfall variability in thailand
Atsamon Limsakul, Sangchan Limjirakan and Boonchob Suttamanuswong

13. The possible mechanism and factors affecting synthetic reactive dye removal by treated flute reed
Chatchawan Singhakant, Kannika Tipprasertsin and Duangrat Inthorn

14. Natural radium isotopes in particulate and dissolved phases of seawater and rainwater at the west coast peninsular malaysia caused by coal-fired power plant
Nik Azlin Nik Ariffin and Che Abd Rahim Mohamed

15. Expert and local community evaluations of site suitability to support mariculture planning in indonesia
Hatim Albasri and Brian Szuster

16. Bio-hydrogen production potential from market waste
Lanna Jaitalee , Somchai Dararat and Orathai Chavalparit

17. Urban growth and air quality in kuala lumpur city, malaysia
O. H. L. Ling, K. H. Ting, Shaharuddin A., Kadaruddin A., Yaakob M. J.

18. Utilization of distillery slop for sugar cane production and environmental pollution reduction
Tasanee Thitakamol