1. Adsorption of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid onto volcanic ash soils effects of ph and soil organic matter
Ei Ei Mon, Taiki Hirata, Ken Kawamoto, Syuntaro Hiradate, Toshiko Komatsu and Per Moldrup

2. Selective catalytic reduction of nitric oxide in diesel engine exhaust over monolithic catalysts washcoated with bimetallic cu-zn-zsm-5
Ahmad Zuhairi Abdullah, Hamidah Abdullah and Subhash Bhatia

3. Health risk assessment of xylene through microenvironment monitoring data a case study of the petro-chemical industries, thailand
Pensri Watchalayann and Nantika Soonthornchaikul

4. Photocatalytic removal of phenol under natural sunlight over n-tio2-sio2 catalyst the effect of nitrogen composition in tio2-sio2
Viet-Cuong Nguyen and The-Vinh Nguyen

5. Organochlorine pesticide residues in the major rivers of southern thailand
Abd Naser Haji Samoh and Md Sani Ibrahim

6. Research on tio2-based photocatalyst thin film and its application in a pilot-scale supply water treatment system
The-Vinh Nguyen, Nguyen Pham Khuong Duy and Le Thi Xinh

7. Enhancement of catalytic performance of mcm-41 synthesized with rice husk silica by addition of titanium dioxide for photodegradation of alachlor
Surachai Artkla, Wonyong Choi and Jatuporn Wittayakun

8. Waste water treatment of dye contamination
Pattana Boonyaprapa, Wichai Vanpetch, Ratsamee Sangsirimongkolying and Witaya Yoosook