1. Characterization, distribution, sources and origins of aliphatic hydrocarbons from surface sediment of prai strait, penang, malaysia a widespread anthropogenic input
Mahyar Sakari, Mohamad Pauzi Zakaria, Nordin Hj Lajis, Che Abd Rahim Mohamed, Pourya Shahpoury Bahry, Sofia Anita, and Kuhan Chandru

2. Inhibition of acetylcholinesterase activity in the golden apple snail (pomacea canaliculata lamarck) exposed to chlorpyrifos, dichlorvos or carbaryl insecticides
Sunisa Putkome, Voravit Cheevaporn and Herbert F. Helander

3. Characterization and health risk assessment of volatile organic compounds in gas service station workers
Duangduan Yimrungruang, Voravit Cheevaporn, Thanomsak Boonphakdee, Pensri Watchalayann and Herbert F. Helander

4. Effects of inorganic ions and glucose on hydrogen production by indigenous microbes in sewage sludge
Jaruwan Wongtanet and Benjaphorn Prapagdee

5. The role of exopolymers in protection of ralstonia sp., a cadmium-resistant bacterium, from cadmium toxicity
Anchulee Watcharamusik, Benjaphorn Prapagdee, Patana Thavipoke and Narin Boontanon

6. Community learning process a model of solid waste reduction and separation
Jittree Pothimamaka

7. Effects of handling processes on the quality and biochemical changes in tissue of mud crab, (scylla serrata, forsskal, 1755) during emersion storage
Waritchon Ninlanon and Nongnud Tangkrock-Olan