1. The synthesis tio2 nano composite by sol-gel and precipitated method
Kornkanok Ubolchollakhat

2. Design and development of reactor for polylactic acid synthesis
Buppachart Yoskantho and Komgrit Leksakul

3. An economic analysis of electricity generation from msw landfill gas and msw-rdf gasification technologies
Kasama Sirisomboon, Pakapon Tubtim and Atchara Nilkei

4. Applied methodologies of work study, forecasting and inventory management techniques for pharmaceutical’s warehouse management: atlanta medicare co., ltd.
Sasarose Jaijit and Punnamee Sachakamol

5. Continuous pretreatment of rice straw and cassava waste by subcritical water
Poonnawit Hanphaiboon, Somkiat Ngamprasertsith and Ruengwit Sawangkeaw

6. The influence of vortex finder diameter on performance of dust cyclone
Suthin Pholboorn

7. Friction stir welding of aluminum alloys: a review and prospective for the future
Worapot Sirirak, Charuayporn Santhaweesuk, Jariyaporn Onw ong and Rungwasun KraiKlang

8. Development of evaluation framework for applying bim technology in green building construction
Pheeradet Khumsiri and Poon Thiengburanathum

9. Life cycle ghgs and pm10 evaluation of maize cultivation in mae chaem district, chiang mai
Titaphorn Supasri, Panich Intra and Sate Sampattagul

10. Autonomous maintenance in biofuel power plant
Tanarat Rattanakool

11. Influence of wo3 on photocatalytic and antibacterial of tio2 powders
Weerachai Sangchay and Phatcharee Phoempoon

12. Performance assessment of rooftop solar cell module with and without air cooling
Thananat Lungkadee and Attakorn Asanakham