1. Fire dynamics simulator for design of fire protection system in boiler pilot plant of sawed rubber-wood industry
Tanawat Rakkamon, Kiatkrai Ayuwat and Thongchai Srinophakhun

2. Development of production scheduling system using genetic algorithms for plastic packaging factory
Worapod Sereerat and Kritsanaluck Buayoi

3. Logistics management of agricultural residues for fuel production
Kedmanee Singwechsakul and Anucha Promwungkwa

4. Quality and process control in production of the new-designed paddy husker
Surapong Bangphan and Peerapun Bangphan

5. Optimal power dispatch with step-bidding price in mixed pool-bilateral-multilateral electricity markets by hybrid computational method
Pornthep Panyakaew and Parnjit Damrongkulkamjorn

6. Efficiency improvement of wood drying house by using combination of solar energy and drying-air absorption process
Arthit Peanngam Naret Meeso and Sirithon Siriamornpun

7. Development of decision support system for ice transportation routing
Nutdanai Udthachak and Uttapol Smutkupt

8. Efficiency improvement of scheduling in ice factory
Tanipat Somsak and Uttapol Smutkupt