1. Neodymium magnet and mineral processing engineering
Siwarote Siriluck

2. The preventive maintenance management of engineering systems in building using fuzzyahp
Thoedtida Thipparat

3. Study on post-combustion carbon capture using amine solvent from coal-fired power plants in thailand
Jiranan Jingjit and Chullapong Chullabodhi

4. Analysis of energy consumption and carbon dioxide emission of rail transport in thailand
Piti Pita and Warunee Tia

5. Assessment of design and construction of the bulrush plants fleecing machine by ergonomics method
Weerachai Madtharak, Pitthaya Tuktian, Nipon Maneechot

6. Mechanical behaviour of multi-layer football under compressive static loading
Tanapon Loymek and Wetchayan Rangsri

7. Selection of infrastructure towards low-carbon cities, case study samui city
Chakat Chotnokand and Poon Thiengburanathum

8. Settlement of nearly saturated nonhomogeneous clay layer under time-dependent load
Rawadee Wungsa and Suthep Nimnual