1. Production lead time and work in process reduction in safe production using leanmanufacturing techniques
Mustasah Usoh and Rungchat Chompu-inwai

2. Energy potential and greenhouse gas emission of solid waste managementin chiang mai university
TassawanJaitiang, Nattanee Vorayos and Tanongkiat Kiatsiriroat

3. Influence of temperature and velocity of hot-air drying on kinetics of bee pollens
Parinya Kamchu and Aree Achariyaviriya

4. Production scheduling of electronic assemblies factory using ant colony optimization
Pongsavat Premphet and Komgrit Leksakul

5. Efficiency improvement of wire mesh weaving process using lean technique and simulation
Uttapol Smutkupt and Amornrat Pinchaimoon

6. Defect and lead time reduction in hard disk drive component manufacturing process usinglean six sigma technique
Patcharida Doungburong and Rungchat Chompu-inwai

7. Measuring the length of baby corn without a constraint of placement direction using an iterative robust regression method
Amornrit Puttipipatkajorn

8. Improvement of drying process using heat from combination of infrared radiation and solar energy for reducing drying energy and maintaining quality of coated wood furniture
Sakorn Inthachai, Naret Meeso and Siritron Siriamornpun