1. A study of knowledge management application in industrial sector
Runchana Sinthavalai, Napisporn Memongkol, Nawaporn Phenglong

2. Rate of consolidation settlement of clay layer under overloading
Chayanant Thongdee and Suthep Nimnual

3. Kinetics mechanism and thermodynamic adsorption chromium (vi) from electroplating wastewater by chitosan
Siriwarin Toyai, Ketwadee Vilipornjaroen, Yingpit Pornputtkul, Kowit Piyamongkala

4. Energy potential and environmental impact assessment of biogas production from chiang mai university wastewater treatment plant
Nantawan Sangroj, Det Damrongsak

5. Rate of consolidation settlement nearly saturated of nonhomogeneous clay layer
Sirikanya Laosuwan, Suthep Nimnual

6. Accuracy of settlement predictions for spread footing in chiang mai university
Akkarachart Pinthong, Suthep Nimnual

7. Production of vitrified bonded grinding wheel from silicon carbide
Kanit Boonpala, Isra Teerawatsakul

8. Modelling of natural ventilation system in a commercial building with air grille
Sumol Sae-Heang, Thanit Swasdisevi