1. Two-dimensional error correction code for spin-transfer torque magnetic random-access memory (stt-mram) caches
Chatuporn Duangthong, Pornchai Supnithi, Watid Phakphisut

2. The implementation of discrete-event simulation and demand forecasting using temporal fusion transformers to validate spare parts inventory policy for the petrochemicals industry
Sanit Innuphat, Manachai Toahchoodee

3. A mathematical model and pi controller design based on indirect vector control for permanent magnet synchronous motor
Natthawut Kongchoo, Phonsit Santiprapan, Nattha Jindapetch

4. The collection of road traffic incidents in bangkok from twitter data based on deep learning algorithm
Korn Puangnak, Natworapol Rachsiriwatcharabul

5. Capturing spatial relationship mapping patterns between gps coordinates and road network using machine learning and partitioning techniques
Thapana Boonchoo

6. Privacy threats and privacy preservation techniques for farmer data collections based on data shuffling
Surapon Riyana, Nobutaka Ito, Tatsanee Chaiya, Uthaiwan Sriwichai, Natthawud Dussadee, Tanate Chaichana, Rittichai Assawarachan, Thongchai Maneechukate, Samerkhwan Tantikul, Noppamas Riyana

7. Optimized cnn model with derived kernels for apnea classification application
Smruthy A, Suchetha M

8. Incident detection techniques for the thai language on twitter
Korn Puangnak, Natworapol Rachsiriwatcharabul

9. Hybrid visual and optimal elliptic curve cryptography for medical image security in iot
L. Ashok Kumar, Sumit Srivastava, Balaji S. R., Francis H Shajin, P. Rajesh

10. High-speed firewall rule verification technique improves throughput performance for ip version 6
Suchart Khummanee, Umaporn Saisangchan, Kritsanapong Somsuk, Sarutte Atsawaraungsuk