1. Machine reading comprehension using multi-passage bert with dice loss on thai corpus
Theerit Lapchaicharoenkit, Peerapon Vateekeul

2. Persons facial image synthesis from audio with generative adversarial networks
Huzaifa Maniyar, Suneeta V. Budihal, Saroja V. Siddamal

3. Estimation with angular parameters on channel of visible light communication
Dwi Astharini, Muhamad Asvial, Dadang Gunawan

4. Software requirements modeling from a selected set of requirements using fuzzy based approach
Mohd Arif, Chaudhary Wali Mohammad, Mohd Sadiq

5. Similarity in sequences of covid-19 genetic codes over galois field
Rapin Sunthornwat, Yupaporn Areepong, Prathum Prommi

6. Uncovering the most and the least factors affecting elderly health using association mining
Nichnan Kittiphattanabawon

7. A unified convolution neural network for dental caries classification
Wattanapong Suttapak, Wannakamon Panyarak, Dauangporn Jira-apiwattana, Kittichai Wantanajittikul

8. Edge-morphology detection approach for median nerve segmentation on ultrasound images
Kuenzang Thinley, Settha Tangkawanit, Surachet Kanprachar

9. A new scheduling algorithm for shortening response time of static priority task
Takaharu Suzuki, Kiyofumi Tanaka

10. An adaptive temporal-concept drift model for sequential recommendation
Tipajin Thaipisutikul