1. Integrated healthcare services for ageing in place
Aoranich Saleewong, Wiroon Sriborrirux, Nakorn Indra-Payoong, Panuwat Danklang, Hanmin Jung

2. Simulation inquisition of noise dissolving algorithm hinge on triple threshold statistical detection filter for random intensity impulse noise situation
Vorapoj Patanavijit, Kornkamol Thakulsukanant

3. Design, simulation, fabrication and evaluation of a textile pifa for wearable iot application
Hadi Aliakbarian, Azadeh Hajiahmadi, Nordiana Mohamad Saaid, Ping Jack Soh

4. Neuro-fuzzy architecture for handover decision making in emerging heterogeneous networks
Saida Driouache, Najib Naja, Abdellah Jamali

5. Vehicle part damage analysis platform for autoinsurance application
Kundjanasith Thonglek, Norawit Urailertprasert, Patchara Pattiyathanee, Chantana Chantrapornchai

6. Identication of soft falls based on falling state occurrences
Thein Gi Kyaw, Anant Choksuriwong, Nikom Suvonvorn

7. Cascading models of cnn and gru with autoencoder loss for precipitation forecast in thailand
Fuenglada Manokij, Peerapon Vateekul, Kanoksri Sarinnapakorn

8. A study on usability and motion sickness of locomotion techniques for virtual reality
Chaowanan Khundam

9. A thermal-based fuel-prediction method for intelligent fire extinguishers in an indoor environment
Teerapong Suejantra, Kosin Chamnongthai

10. Phishing attack in communication networks is exposed using a multi-stage machine learning approach
Ademola Philip Abidoye, Boniface Kabaso