1. Complexity reduction of modified per-survivor iterative timing recovery for partial response channels
P. Supnithi, P. Kovintavewat, C. Warisarn

2. Proposal of qam-ofdm system with idar method designed for satellite channel
P. Boonsrimuang, P. Boonsrimuang, T. Paungma, H. Kobayashi

3. Development of a next generation ubiquitous processor chip
T. Sato, A. Kurokawa, M. Fukase, K. Ichinohe, K. Narita, T. Takaki, N. Mimura

4. Target and equalizer design for high-density bit-patterned media recording
Santi Koonkarnkhai, Phongsak Keeratiwintakorn and Piya Kovintavewat

5. Binary classification tree for multiclass classification with observation-based clustering
Maythapolnun Athimethphat and Boontarika Lerteerawong

6. Performance evaluation of a rfid-enabled real time bus dispatching system- case study of the bangkok bus system
Kriangsak Vanitchakornpong, Nakorn Indra-Payoong, Agachai Sumalee and Wiroon Sriborrirux

7. Mining rare association rules on banpheo hospital (public organization) via apriori msg-p algorithm
Taweechai Ouypornkochagorn

8. Enhanced performance of particle swarm optimization with generalized generation gap model with parent-centric recombination operator
Chukiat Worasucheep, Charinrat Pipopwatthana, Sujitra Srimontha and Wilasini Phanmak

9. Empirical modelling for exploring the factors contributing to disability severity from road traffic accidents in thailand
Jaratsri Rungrattanaubol, Anamai Na-udom and Antony Harfield

10. On the improvement of search engine using semantic web- case study of hua hin tourism information system
Chidchanok Choksuchat and Chantana Chantrapornchai