1. If you care to find what you are looking for, make an index- the case of lexical access
M. Zock

2. Some issues in intelligent processing of linguistic information
H. Fujisaki

3. Acoustic cues, landmarks, and distinctive features- a model of human speech processing
J. Slifka

4. Modelling, detection and exploitation of lexical functions for analysis
D. Schwab, M. Lafourcade

5. Cluster analysis of prominent features for determining stress levels in thai speech
P. Charnvivit, N. Thubthong, S. Luksaneeyanawin

6. Pp attachment ambiguity resolution with corpus-based pattern distributions and lexical signaturese
N. Gala, M. Lafourcade

7. A chunk-based n-gram english to thai transliteration
W. Aroonmanakun

8. Automatic identification of close languages - case study- malay and indonesian
B. Ranaivo-malancon

9. The development of a thai spoken dialogue system
C. Wutiwiwatchai