1. Robust speech recognition using kpca-based noise classification
N. Thatphithakkul, B. Kruatrachue, C. Wutiwiwatchai, S. Marukatat, V. Boonpiam

2. Low power despreader using dynamic reconfigurable architecture for multicarrier cdma with two-dimensional spreading and variable spreading factor
T. Sugawara, Y. Miyanaga

3. Semantic web services- service discovery and invocation planning
K. Limapichat, S. Chaiyakul, A. Dixit, E. Nantajeewarawat

4. A performance analysis of compressed compact genetic algorithm
O. Watchanupaporn, N. Soonthornphisaj, W. Suwannik

5. An incorporated use of fuzzy logic toolbox and modelica library to design sssc damping controller
B. Somritvanitcha, I. Ngamroo, K. Hongesombut

6. Bytecode-based analysis for increasing class-component testability
S. Kansomkeat, J. Offutt, W. Rivepiboon

7. Clustering e-banking customer using data mining and marketing segmentation
W. Niyagas, A. Srivihok, S. Kitisin