1. An approach to assessing human factors related occupational safety using behavioural observation-based indicators: the case of a construction site in nigeria
Inyeneobong Ekoi Edem, Boluwatife Akinsola

2. Extended technology acceptance model for indonesian mobile wallet: structural equation modeling approach
Ronald Sukwadi, Laurensia Sant Caroline, Gary Yu-Hsin Chen

3. Investigation of shear strength and metallurgy on semi-solid metal 356 aluminium alloy with lap joint by friction stir spot welding
Chaiyoot Meengam, Suppachai Chainarong, Siva Sitthipong

4. Fast boundary extraction of color image using negative divergence of a normal compressive vector field
Samruan Wiangsamut, Nawapak Eua-Anant, Wutthichai Phornphatcharaphong

5. Effect of an in vitro environment on compressive strength and apatite formation of white portland cement
Weerapol Taptimdee, Auttachai Jantasang, Prinya Chindaprasirt, Yuichi Otsuka, Yoshiharu Mutoh, Teerawat Laonapakul

6. A novel tiki-taka algorithm to optimize hybrid flow shop scheduling with energy consumption
Mohd Fadzil Faisae Ab Rashid, Muhammad Ammar Nik Mu'tasim

7. Effect of active layer thickness on the performance of amorphous hydrogenated silicon solar cells
Soni Prayogi, Yoyok Cahyono, Dadan Hamdani, Darminto

8. Evaluation of gnss positioning accuracy from satellite-based augmentation systems in thailand
Phunsap Thari, Somchai Kriengkraiwasin, Chalermchon Satirapod

9. Multi-objective optimization of a threading machine for tobacco leaves
Ranaporn Senasutham, Sujin Bureerat, Juckamas Laohavanich, Cherdpong Chiawchanwattana, Suphan Yangyuen

10. Application of near-infrared spectroscopy in detection of steroids adulteration in traditional thai medicines
Panmanas Sirisomboon, Kittisak Phetpan

11. Hybrid fibre reinforced eco-friendly geopolymer concrete made with waste wood ash: a mechanical characterization study
Kadarkarai Arunkumar, Muthiah Muthukannan, Arunachalam Suresh kumar, Arunasankar Chithambar Ganesh, Rangaswamy Kanniga Devi

12. Gas output of homebiogas7.0 in province1 (terai region) of nepal and homebiogas7.0 model vs ggc-2047
Bashu Gautam

13. Smart city's trends, architectures, components, and challenges: a systematic review and building an initial model for indonesia
Assaf Arief, Dana Indra Sensuse, Petrus Mursanto

14. A comprehensive review on the performance analysis of composite overwrapped pressure vessels
Rahul B, Dharmahinder Singh Chand, Dharani J

15. An elementary survey on structural, electrical, and optical properties of perovskite materials
Bijayalaxmi Kuanar, Hari S. Mohanty, Dhrubananda Behera, Priyambada Nayak, Biswajit Dalai