1. Notable mechanical behavior of thin monoholar rubber flat slab under tension loading
Kulyuth Boonseng, Chatchai Waiyapattanakorn, Prayoon Surin

2. Mitigation of supply voltage disturbances with a load voltage-controlled inverter
Hanny H. Tumbelaka

3. Development of mathematical models for engine performance and emissions of the producer gas-diesel dual fuel mode using response surface methodology
Monorom Rith, Jose Bienvenido Manuel M. Biona

4. Enhancement of bonding efficiency between overlay and substrate concrete using styrene-butadiene rubber latex and different surface roughness methods
Ban Ahmed Khaleel, Jasim Mohammed Abed, Huda Saad Abed

5. Design of power efficient, high-speed 4-bit comparator in umc 180 nm technology
Sudheer Raja Venishetty, Anil Kumar Chidra

6. Design of isolated igbt driving and control circuits for an interleaved boost converter
Mustafa Fawzi Mohammed, Ali Husain Ahmad, Abdulrahim Thiab Humod

7. Landslide susceptibility assessment using frequency ratio model at ossey watershed area in bhutan
Thongley Thongley, Chaiwiwat Vansarochana

8. Breast cancer data classification using ensemble machine learning
Meerja Akhil Jabbar

9. Using a neural network model to determine electricity sales under renewable energy systems penetration consideration
Desmond Eseoghene Ighravwe, Daniel Mashao

10. Pareto optimality based multi-objective genetic algorithm: application for livestock building system using an independent pid controller
Ilyas Lahlouh, Driss Khouili, Ahmed Elakkary, Nacer Sefiani

11. Properties of fly ash and rice husk ash blended geopolymer with sodium aluminate as activator solution
N. Shyamananda Singh, Suresh Thokchom, Rama Debbarma

12. Biofuel production from waste cooking oil by catalytic reaction over thai dolomite under atmospheric pressure: effect of calcination temperatures
Wasipim Chansiriwat, Lalitphat Chotwatcharanurak, Wanida Khumta, Totsaporn Suwannaruang, Behzad Shahmoradi, Tinnakorn Kumsaen, Kitirote Wantala