1. Functionalized nonwoven nylon fabrics for cadmium ion exchange applications
Wichuda Chanprapanon, Nithinart Chitpong

2. A hybrid model using malstm based on recurrent neural networks with support vector machines for sentiment analysis
Srinidhi H, Siddesh GM, Srinivasa KG

3. Gender-based comparison of students’ academic performance using regression models
Aderibigbe Israel Adekitan, Olamilekan Shobayo

4. Development of time series models for various pollutants in bangalore city using the akaike information criterion
Vivekanand Venkataraman, Shashank Prasad, Balakrishna Aswathanarayana, Susmith Barigidad, Vinayak Nayak , Sai Tarun Kumar N

5. Modeling and critical analysis of material removal rate in wedm of oil hardening non-shrinking die steel (ohns)
Mangesh Phate, Shraddha Toney, Vikas Phate

6. Preparation and characterization of hydroxyapatite powder for biomedical applications from giant african land snail shell using a hydrothermal technique
Kolawole Maruf Yinka, Aweda Jacob Olayiwola, Abdulkareem Sulaiman, Asif Ali, Farasat Iqbal

7. Effect of sodium compounds additives on the strength of cement-stabilized soils
Harith E. Ali, Nabel K. Asmel, Abideen A. Ganiyu, Hamzat Tijani

8. Effect of copper addition and solution heat treatment on the mechanical properties of aluminum alloy using formulated bio-quenchant oils
Adekunle AS, Adeleke AA, Ikubanni PP, Omoniyi PO, Gbadamosi TA, Odusote JK

9. Identifying misinformation on twitter with a support vector machine
Supanya Aphiwongsophon, Prabhas Chongstitvatana

10. An investigation of min-max method problems for rssi-based indoor localization: theoretical and experimental studies
Apidet Booranawong, Kiattisak Sengchuai, Nattha Jindapetch, Hiroshi Saito

11. Assessment of climate change impacts on drought severity using spi and sdi over the lower nam phong river basin, thailand
Tanawut Pandhumas, Kittiwet Kuntiyawichai, Chatchai Jothityangkoon, Fransiscus Xaverius Suryadi

12. Artificial neural network for modelling the removal of pollutants: a review
Siti Fatimah, Wiharto

13. Retracted: design and performance evaluation of pea ip over dwdm core networks
Chaowarit Boonta, Prasit Nakornrat, Nakrop Jinaporn