1. Ro-foa an ecosystem-inspired compact fruit fly optimization algorithm for box-constrained optimization
Wirote Apinantanakon, Khamron Sunat, Joel Alan Kinmond

2. A numerical simulation of spontaneous ignition of bagasse
Naphat Nopsanti, Nathasak Boonmee

3. Succinic acid production from lignin by photo-oxidation
Manmard Suttipornphaisalkul, Phillip Wright, Khanita Kamwilaisak

4. Determinants of individual vehicle type choice and energy consumption in a heavy traffic metropolis of southeast asia featuring the case of metro manila
Monorom Rith, Neil Stephen Lopez, Alexis M. Fillone, Jose Bienvenido M. Biona

5. Selective colour image encryption using henon chaotic system with a keyless substitution cipher
Ashish Kumar, NS Raghava

6. Design and development of multi-band multi-generation compatible mimo antenna for wireless devices
Arumita Biswas, Vibha Rani Gupta

7. Effect of suspended solids removal methods on methane production from tapioca starch wastewater
Thanapat Thepubon, Pairaya Choeisai, Pinthita Mungkarndee, Krit Choeisai, Kazuaki Syutsubo

8. Comparisons of predicted and experimental charring rates at various moisture contents of selected southern nigerian structural wood species
Adetayo OA, Dahunsi BIO, Oyelaran OA

9. Design aspects of 5g frequency allocation, services and mimo antennas
Arumita Biswas, Vibha Rani Gupta

10. Submerged friction stir welding an overview of results of experiments and possible future works
Ethiraj N, Meikeerthy S, Sivabalan T

11. Design and fabrication of a downdraft gasifier coupled with a small-scale diesel engine
Monorom Rith, Bernard Buenconsejo, Jose Bienvenido M. Biona

12. Measuring the city bus service quality based on users’ perceptions city bus service in phnom penh, cambodia
Sonita SUM, Sajjakaj Jomnonkwao, Thanapong Champahom, Roodheer Beeharry, Vatanavongs Ratanavaraha