1. Managing finished goods inventory-maintenance engineering interaction subject to technical manufacturing information complexity employing an associated fuzzy-system dynamics approach
Desmond Eseoghene Ighravwe, Sunday Ayoola Oke

2. Preparation of calibration standard gas mixtures by primary gravimetric method: a case study on 960 ?mol/mol of carbon dioxide in a nitrogen matrix
Harry Budiman, Muhammad Rizky Mulyana, Oman Zuas

3. Recycled ceramic tile composite for automobile applications, a comparative study with nissan jeep cherokee brake pad
Johnson Olumuyiwa Agunsoye, Sefiu Adekunle Bello, Adeola Bamigbaiye, Kayode Ayodele Odunmosu, Isaac Akinboye

4. Development of frame finite element model for truss structures with semi-rigid connections
Natee Panagant, Sujin Bureerat, Kang Tai

5. Characterization of prussian blue-immobilized chitin-coated nylon fibers as adsorbent for cesium ions
Duangkamol Dechojarassri, Sahori Omote, Takanori Minamino, Kensuke Nishida, Tetsuya Furuike, Hiroshi Tamura

6. Deep learning neural network: a machine learning approach for monthly rainfall forecast, case study in eastern region of thailand
Uruya Weesakul, Phisan Kaewprapha, Kitinan Boonyuen, Ole Mark

7. Reduction of rssi variations for indoor position estimation in wireless sensor networks
Apidet Booranawong, Jerawat Sopajarn, Thantip Sittiruk, Nattha Jindapetch

8. Performance evaluation of supervised learning algorithms with various training data sizes and missing attributes
Chaluemwut Noyunsan, Tatpong Katanyukul, Kanda Saikaew

9. The effect of lead oxide on structural and elastic properties of strontium lead silicate glass from deteriorated silica gel
Pattaranipa Gunhakoon, Jintana Laopaiboon, Oruethai ่Jaiboon, Somkid Pencharee, Raewat Laopaiboon

10. Ozonation as cyanophyta control method for water treatment
Patcharaporn Suwanvitaya, Sudarat Singhaphen

11. The 3d finite element analysis of stress distribution in implant supported single crown with different abutment designs
Pongsakorn Poovarodom, Daraporn Sae- Lee, Jarupol Suriyawanakul

12. The development of case-based learning for an antenna engineering course using folklore
Thanatip Chankong, Nopadon Maneetien