1. Water absorption experimental analysis of an orange peel and coconut shell particulate blend reinforcement material for composite fabrication
Sunday Ayoola Oke, Oluwaseyi Ayodele Ajibade, Johnson Olumuyiwa Agunsoye

2. Investigation on the cds-incorporated decorated tio2 nanoporous arrays as a photoanode for cathodic protection of 304 ss in a 0.5 m nacl solution
Varinrumpai Seithtanabutara, Aleena Boonserm, Chaiyaput Kruehong, Apichart Artnaseaw, Panomkorn Kwakhong

3. Enhancing the performance of association rule models by filtering instances in colorectal cancer patients
Jaree Thongkam, Vatinee Sukmak

4. Optimum radii and heights of u-shaped baffles in a square duct heat exchanger using surrogate-assisted optimization
Sujin Bureerat, Kittinan Wansasueb, Nantiwat Pholdee

5. Behavior of concrete cylinders confined by a ferro-geopolymer jacket in axial compression
Prinya Chindaprasirt, Kothay Heng, Natthapong Areemit

6. Enhancing identified circular economic benefits related to the deployment of the solrod biogas plant
Rikke Lybaek, Tyge Kjaer

7. Low loss three-dimensional metamaterial-based omega-net microwave lens
Nantakan Wongkasem, David Flores

8. Subsurface drip irrigation: a technology for safer irrigation of vegetable crops
Donald C. Slack, Rocio Reyes Esteves, Aketzalli Espejel, Bernardo Oyorsaval, Yingjie Ma

9. Cation modified silicates for catalytic production of phenol from benzene
Surapol Padungthon, Medhat Mohamed El-Moselhy, Kulyakorn Khuanmar, Panomchai Weerayutsil

10. Electrostatic discharge (esd) and electrical overstress (eos): the state of the art in components to systems
Steven H. Voldman