1. Demographic and clinical factors associated with change of drug regimen due to adverse drug reactions among new tuberculosis patients in the upper north and upper northeast of thailand
Surachet Arunothong, Choopong Sangsawang, Panithee Thammawijaya, Srisongchai Rattanajiamrangsri, and Sudjai Hoothummakul

2. Cytomegalovirus retinitis (cmvr) in hiv-infected pediatric patients in chiang mai university hospital
Dao Luewattananont, Somsanguan Ausayakhun, and Peninnah Oberdorfer

3. Incidence rates and impact of ventilator-associated patients in pediatric intensive care unit chiang mai university hospital
Kraiwan Kaphan, and Supanee Muangcom

4. Successful treatment of persistent aortoesophageal fi stula after thoracic endovascular aortic repair (tevar) with esophageal bypass surgery
Bandhuphat Chakrabandhu, Noppon Taksaudom, and Sirikan Limpakan

5. The case of a 2-year-5-month-old boy with aseptic meningitis caused by enterovirus 71
Suwadee Jirasakpisarn, Satja Issaranggoon Na Ayuthaya, and Peninnah Oberdorfer

6. Evolution in hemophilia treatment
Rungrote Natesirinilkul