1. Assessment of the costoclavicular space with multidetector ct (mdct) in asymptomatic patients with arms in abduction
Jira Sroysuwan, Chate Sivasomboon

2. Prolonged effect of children and family based intervention on treating childhood obesity
Sainatee Pratanaphon, Nittaya Pun-Ai, Samatchai Chamnongkich

3. Difference between end-tidal and arterial carbon dioxide pressure during one lung ventilation with moderate tidal volume
Worawut Lapisatepun, Wichai Chuenchongkolkul, Passakorn Sawaddiruk

4. True knot of the umbilical cord in a near term pregnancy undergoing spontaneous vaginal delivery
Saipin Pongsatha

5. Volatile induction and maintenance of anaesthesia in a patient with advanced epidermolysis bullosa
Sratwadee Lorsomradee, Suraphong Lorsomradee