1. Content vol.47 no.1 january 2020
Editorial Board Member

2. New unified scientific theory and biothermal wave motion in the human body system
S. K. Srivastava

3. Biochemical and molecular characterization of native rhizobia nodulating leucaena leucocephala with potential use as bioinoculants in yucatan, mexico
Magnolia Tzec-Gamboa, Francisco Solorio-S?nchez, Immo Fiebrig, Claudia Torres Calzada, Juan J Pe?a-Cabriales, Elizabeth Ortiz-V?zquez

4. Bacterial cellulose production by komagataeibacter nataicola tistr 2661 by agro-waste as a carbon source
Churairat Moukamnerd, Keeratiya Ounmuang, Natthakan Konboa and Chayatip Insomphun

5. Microbial decontamination of mung bean sprouts using electrolyzed water and its effects on the physicochemical and sensory properties of the sprouts
Hyesung Park, Pradeep Puligundla and Chulkyoon Mok

6. Isolation and selection of plant growth promoting endophytic bacteria associated with healthy hevea brasiliensis for use as plant growth promoters in rubber seedlings under salinity stress
Kulwadee Khotchanalekha, Weerasak Saksirirat, Supat Isarangkool Na Ayutthaya, Kenji Sakai, Yukihiro Tashiro , Yuki Okugawa and Saowanit Tongpim

7. Lepiota section stenosporae (agaricaceae): two new records to lao people's democratic republic
Phongeun Sysouphanthong, Naritsada Thongklang, Chatmongkon Suwannapoom, Wipornpan Nuangmek and Kevin D. Hyde

8. Karyomorphology of three halophila species (hydrocharitaceae, alismatales) from haad chao mai national park, trang province, thailand
Ratana Hiranphan, Phetai Hiranphan, Tidarat Puangpairote, Anchana Prathep and Ladda Eksomtramage

9. Short-term impacts of soaking periods and nacl concentrations to photosynthetic o2 evolution and co2 uptake of mangrove seedlings from east sumatera coastline of indonesia
Tengku Zia Ulqodry, Akihiro Nose, Shao-Hui Zheng, Andi Agussalim, Indah Widiastuti

10. Effects of plasma technique and gamma irradiation on seed germination and seedling growth of chili pepper
Monthida Thisawech, Orapin Saritnum, Sureeporn Sarapirom, Kittikhun Prakrajang and Wannausa Phakham

11. Evaluation of genetic diversity of wan khanmak herb using aflp marker
Sirisak Soonthornyatara, Maytinee Kladmook, Pratchya Taywiya and Methee Wiboonkhiao

12. Molecular docking study of chromone derivatives as dual inhibitor against plasmepsin ii and falcipain-2
Chirattikan Maicheen, Jiraporn Ungwitayatorn

13. Formulation and physicochemical properties of nanostructured lipid carriers from beeswax and rosemary oil as a drug carrier
Farhanim Mohd Latif, Yin Yin Teo, Misni Misran, Vicit Rizal Eh Suk and Kah Hin Low

14. Modified mangosteen shell in the removal of hg (ii) from aqueous solution-isotherm and kinetic studies
Anitha Devasahayam, Ramadevi Abbai Ramanujam and Seetharaman Ramasamy

15. Adsorption of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid by magnesium ferrite magnetic nanoparticles modified with amine functional groups
Supawitch Hoijang, Jeeranan Nonkumwong, Burapol Singhana, Sunanta Wangkarn, Supon Ananta and Laongnuan Srisombat

16. New extraction procedure and differential pulse voltammetric method for determination of water soluble chromium(vi) content in portland cement products
Jaroon Junsomboon* and Jaroon Jakmunee

17. Comparison between linear and non-linear variable selection methods with applications to spectroscopic (uv-vis/nir) data
Chanida Krongchai, Sakunna Wongsaipun, Sujitra Funsueb, Parichat Theanjumpol, Jaroon Jakmunee and Sila Kittiwachana

18. Synthesis of 6/8-methyl-2-(piperidin-1-yl)quinoline-3-carbaldehydes: a facile ctab catalyzed protocol
Rubina Munir, Muhammad Makshoof Atha, Muhammad Zia-ur-Rehman and Noman Javid

19. Synthesis of new zerumbone derivatives and their in vitro anti-cancer activity
Vu Tien Chinh, Pham Thanh Loan, Vu Xuan Duong, Tran Khac Vu and Luu Van Chinh

20. Theoretical study of sulfur-containing compounds adsorption on transition metals (v, ni, co, fe) doped nbs2 surface for hydrodesulfurization reaction
Suparada Kamchompoo, Tanabat Mudchimo, Yutthana Wongnongwa, Manaschai Kunaseth and Siriporn Jungsuttiwong

21. Surface modification of nanosilica from sugarcane bagasse waste ash using methyltrichlorosilane (mtcs), triethoxymethylsilane (tems) and triethoxyvinylsilane (tevs) to produce a hydrophobic surface on glass substrate
Chareon Panyo, Apinon Nuntiya and Anucha Wannagon

22. Humidity control ability of porous ceramics prepared by thermal decomposition of limestone and dolomite
Parinya Somrang, Rung-Arun Sanngam and Anucha Wannagon