1. Screening of antagonistic bacterial isolates from hives of apis cerana in vietnam against the causal agent of american foulbrood of honey bees, paenibacillus larvae
Sasiprapa Krongdang, Jeffery S. Pettis, Geoffrey R. Williams and Panuwan Chantawannakul

2. A complete system for renewable utilization of cassava to biohydrogen coupled with biomethane as zero-waste management
Wilawan Channarong, Mongkol Ngamjarearnwong, Churapa Teerapatsakul and Lerluck Chitradon

3. Improvement of a continuous ethanol fermentation from sweet sorghum stem juice by aeration and product recovery using a gas stripping technique
Arthit Thani, Pattana Laopaiboon and Lakkana Laopaiboon

4. Enhancement of butanol production efficiency from sweet sorghum stem juice by clostridium beijerinckii using statistical experimental design
Likit Sirisantimethakom, Thanawat Thanapornsin, Lakkana Laopaiboon and Pattana Laopaiboon

5. Simple medium formulation for manganese remediation by green microalga pediastrum duplex aarlg060
Jakkapong Thongpitak, Jeeraporn Pekkoh and Chayakorn Pumas

6. The effects bio-fertilizer and liquid organic fertilizer on the growth of vegetables in the pot experiment
Nguyen Thi Huynh Nhu, Ng Lee Chuen and Nuntavun Riddech

7. Prevalence and analysis of antibiotic resistant genes in escherichia coli and salmonella isolates from green leaf lettuce
Chhay Chanseyha, Muhammad Bilal Sadiq, Tay Zar Aye Cho and Anil Kumar Anal

8. Leucoagaricus houaynhangensis (agaricaceae), a new yellowish-green species from lao people’s democratic republic
Phongeun Sysouphanthong*, Somsanith Bouamanivong, Thaviphone Salichanh, Nakhonekham Xaybouangeun, Phuping Sucharitakul, Maslin Osathanunkul and Chatmongkon Suwannapoom

9. Ascorbic acid application improves salinity stress tolerance in wheat
Manzer H Siddiqui, Saud A Alamri, Mutahhar YY Al-Khaishany, Mohammed A Al-Qutami and Hayssam M Ali

10. Inter-simple sequence repeat markers reveal genetic relatedness between natural aquilaria populations in peninsular malaysia
Shiou Yih Lee, Wei Lun Ng, Dhilia Udie Lamasudin and Rozi Mohamed

11. Effects of water flow rate and water quality on tilapia culture in the mae ping river, thailand
Niwooti Whangchai, Chanagun Chitmanat, Rameshprabu Ramaraj and Tomoaki Itayama

12. Effect of paclobutrazol on flower development and gene expression of jatropha
Tittinat Pokawattana+, Lucsame Gruneck+, Anupharb Seesangboon, Prapassorn D Eungwanichayapant, Jantrararuk Tovaranonte and Siam Popluechai

13. Aqueous and ethanolic extracts of mangosteen peels as natural antimicrobial/anticancer materials against pathogenic microbes and b16f10 murine melanoma
Siriporn Taokaew, Suratsawadee Piyaviriyakul, Pongpun Siripong and Muenduen Phisalaphong

14. Antioxidant properties of crocodylus siamensis blood components on h2o2-induced human skin fibroblast cells
Nisachon Jangpromma, Khantheeranut Suttee, Santi Phosri, Tinnakorn Theansungnoen, Jiraporn Lueangsakulthai, Wisarut Payoungkiattikun, Sakda Daduang and Sompong Klaynongsruang

15. Antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of polysaccharides from rice brans
Siriluck Surin, Phisit Seesuriyachan, Prodpran Thakeow, SangGuan You and Yuthana Phimolsiripol

16. Phytochemical constituents of thai dark purple glutinous rice bran extract [cultivar luem pua (oryza sativa l.)]
Pattawat Seekhaw, Sugunya Mahatheeranont, Phumon Sookwong, Suwaporn Luangkamin, Acharaporn Na Lampang Neonplab and Pakawan Puangsombat

17. Phytochemical screening and antibacterial activities of tuber extract of stephania pierrei diels
Sirilak Kamonwannasit and Agarat Kamcharoen

18. Phytochemical constituents of the stems of styrax benzoides craib and their chemosystematic significance
Puttinan Meepowpan, Panporn Winairuangrid, Patcharapong Thangsunan and Praput Thavornyutikarn

19. Synthesis, docking studies and pharmacological activity of synthetic flavonols
Mohammad Shoaib, Mehreen Ghias, Niaz Ali, Abdul Wadood, Syed Wadood Ali Shah, Ismail Shah, Shafiullah, Mehreen Ghufran and Mehboob ur Rahman

20. Development of mathematical model for pyruvate decarboxylase deactivation kinetics by benzaldehyde with inorganic phosphate activation effect
Julaluk Khemacheewakul [a], Charin Techapun [b], Ampin Kuntiya [b], Vorapat Sanguanchaipaiwong, Thanongsak Chaiyaso, Prasert Hanmoungjai, Phisit Seesuriyachan, Nopphorn Leksawasdi, Rojarej Nunta, Sumeth Sommanee, Kittisak Jantanasakulwong, Yasinee Chakrabandhu and Noppol Leksawasdi

21. Effects of storage temperature and time on the glycemic response of white rice
Chiao Hsin Yang and Jenshinn Lin

22. Fabrication of a home-made spce modified with thionine for determination of hydrogen peroxide
Preeyaporn Reanpang, Orawon Chailapakul and Jaroon Jakmunee

23. Concurrent optimization of decolorization, cod removal, and their costs in response to photocatalytic degradation integrating experimental designs, artificial immune system, and empirical modeling
Musa Buyukada, Mirac Eryigit and Fatih Evrendilek

24. Adsorption of a highly toxic aromatic pollutant from aqueous solution using low cost activated carbon: equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic aspects
Muhammad Hamayun, Sonia Sherazi, Shah Zareen, Abdul Naeem, Muhammad Saeed, Khizar Hussain Shah, Ataf Ali Altaf, Shahzad Murtaza and Muhammad Zubair

25. Achieving adsorption of cationic dyes by the composites based on h3pmo12o40 decorating metal organic frameworks
Wenpeng Gong, Xiaogang Du, Xiaoxia Liu, Xiaofen Ke and Shuijin Yang

26. Comparison of catalytic activity of copper nanostructures in friedel-crafts type condensation reactions
Alireza Khorshidi and Shohreh Saiadian

27. Utilization of agro-waste and non-conventional eruca sativa seed oil for getting optimized process to acquire better yield of biodiesel by using response surface methodology (rsm)
Tahir Mehmood, Sadia Fareed, Mudassir Iqbal, Adeela Naseem and Faiza Siddique

28. Chemometric profiling of clinacanthus nutans leaves possessing antioxidant activities using ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometry
Hui Wen Chong, Khansa Rezaei, Bee Lynn Chew and Vuanghao Lim

29. Estimation of sodium lauryl sulphate concentration in marketed formulations by stability indicating ‘green’ planar chromatographic method
Nazrul Haq, Nasir A. Siddiqui, Perwez Alam, Faiyaz Shakeel, Fars K. Alanazi and Ibrahim A. Alsarra

30. Preparation of bilayer yba2cu3o7-x -naycoo2 thermoelectric ceramic by solid-state sintering method
Pimpilai Wannasut, Nittaya Keawprak and Anucha Watcharapasorn

31. Geological interpretation by peak spectral decomposition envelope attribute
Gritsadapong Leaungvongpaisan, Pisanu Wongpornchai and Siriporn Chaisri

32. A compact finite difference scheme for reaction-convection-diffusion equation
Jafar Biazar and Mohammad Bagher Mehrlatifan

33. Double binomial sums and double sums related with certain linear recerrences of various order
Emrah K?l?c and Talha Ar?kan

34. Capacity planning of aggregators, provisioning of software defined network and cloud resources to applications of wireless sensor networks
Nay Myo Sandar