1. Order - disorder scientific philosophy-vi: a scientific investigation of consciousness and soul
S.K. Srivastava, Yashodhara Verma and Avinash Verma

2. Simultaneous detection of two viroids infecting grapevines in taiwan by multiplex rt-pcr
Phuc Thien Nguyen and Yi Ching Chen

3. Detection of helicobacter pylori in aquatic environments and drinking waters in northeastern thailand
Chariya Chomvarin, Warawan Wongboot, Aschana Tirapattanun, Sakawrat Kanthawong, Suwin Wongwajana, Saowanit Tongpim and Wongwarut Boonyanugomol

4. Detection of bacterial communities in volatile-organic-compound (voc)-contaminated soil in an industrial estate in eastern thailand by pcr-dgge analysis
Manatsawat Sriwichai, Fairda Malem, Mujalin K. Pholchan and Sakunnee Bovonsombut

5. The establishment and activity of bacterial inoculant immobilized in agar compared with those of alginate and perlite after being introduced into soil
Pongrawee Nimnoi, Neelawan Pongsilp and Saisamorn Lumyong

6. Co-production of hydrogen and ethanol of escherichia coli ss1 isolate
Chiu-Shyan Soo, Wai-Sum Yap, Wei-Min Hon, Norhayati Ramli, Umi Kalsom Md Shah and Lai-Yee Phang

7. Optimization of cellulase production by pycnoporus sanguineus in 5 l stirred tank bioreactor and enhanced fermentation by employing external loop
Yi Peng Teoh, Mashitah Mat Don and Kamaluddin Fadzilah

8. Antibiotics constituents of endophytic bacillus amyloliquefaciens ud25 extracted from a medicinal plant, memecylon edule roxb.
Artidtaya Bhoonobtong, Sirirath Sodngam, Sophon Boonlue, Wandee Bunyatratchata and Wiyada Mongkolt

9. Proteomics profiling and inflammatory factor gene expression in lps-stimulated raw 264.7 cells treated with crocodylus siamensis hemoglobin
Nisachon Jangpromma, Natthiya Poolperm, Khanittra Pornsri, Preeyanan Anwised, Thai Kabbua, Santi Phosri, Sakda Daduang and Sompong Klaynongsruang

10. Diversity of polychaetes in mangrove forest, prasae estuary, rayong province, thailand
Somtawin Jaritkhuan, Pongrat Damrongrojwattana, Benchawan Chewprecha and Vichaya Kunbou

11. Seasonal distribution and habitat use of the green peafowl pavo muticus, linnaeus 1766, in wiang lor wildlife sanctuary, phayao province, northern thailand
Ghan Saridnirun, Wina Meckvichai and Pongchai Dumrongrojwatthana

12. Diet composition of pristolepis fasciata (bleeker, 1851) (family nandidae) and puntius brevis (bleeker, 1849) (family cyprinidae) in kaeng lawa, thailand
Narumon Sangpradub and Chutima Hanjavanit

13. Thermally oxidized olive oil produces biochemical, physiological effects and fatty liver in rats
Ayaz Ali Khan, Alam Zeb and Syed Tufail Hussain Shirazi

14. Stellera chamaejasme methanolic extract attenuates nitric oxide production and enhances heme oxygenase 1 expression in murine macrophages
Yayeh Taddesse, Eun Ju Im, Dongmi Kwak, Young Chul Lee, Eujin Hyun, Mei Hong, Ping Jiao, Qi Jia, Youn-Kyoung Goo, Seung-Bok Hong, Suk Kim and Man Hee Rhee

15. Innovating botanical extraction through application of microwaves for the efficient extraction of ursolic acid from ocimum sanctum leaves
Rajendra Mehta, Raj Kumar, Roshni Tandey and Vivekananda Mandal

16. Thermal inactivation kinetics of peroxidase and polyphenol oxidase in long bean (vigna sesquipedalis) and the changes in their activities during storage
Lee Ting Hun, Shalom Wangrangsimakul, Waseem A. Wani, Ee Ling Yong, Ardawati Adnan, Eddie Ti Tjih Tan, Lim Chew Ching, Ooi Siew Yin, Azila Abdul-Aziz, Hesham A. El-Enshasy, Ramlan Aziz

17. Comparison of enzyme-assisted and ultrasound-assisted extraction of albumin from defatted rambutan (nephelium lappaceum l.) seed
Thi Xuan Mai Co, Ngoc Tu Hoang, Thi Thu Tra Tran, Nu Minh Nguyet Ton and Van Viet Man Le

18. Total phenolic and ascorbic acid contents and antioxidant activities of twelve different ecotypes of phyllanthus emblica from pakistan
Syed Mubashar Sabir, Rashad Hussain Shah and Asad Hussain Shah

19. Antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory effects of the ethanolic extract of curcuma aff. amada
Apicha Jabsuwan, Suchada Sukrong, Somporn Swasdison and Pasarapa Towiwat

20. Antioxidant, total phenolics and total flavonoid content of the aqueous extract of caesalpinia bonducella seeds
Shruti Shukla and Archana Mehta

21. Content of minerals and trace elements determined by icp-ms in eleven mushroom species from anatolia, turkey
Gulsen Tel-Cayan, Mehmet Ozturk, Mehmet E. Duru, Murat Yabanli and Aziz Turkoglu

22. Quality and antioxidant properties of extruded breakfast cereal containing encapsulated turmeric extract
Natcha Laokuldilok, Prodpran Thakeow, Phikunthong Kopermsub and Niramon Utama-ang

23. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of tildipirosin by ultra-performance hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography-tandem high resolution quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry
Jiaxin Wu, Min Liu, Fei Shang, Chuanliang Zhang, Min Song, Peng Qi and Jingle Liang

24. Flow injection amperometric detection and off-line sequential extraction column for fractionation of phosphorus in sediment
Pimporn Insain and Jaroon Jakmunee

25. Co-pyrolysis of rice straw with high density polyethylene bag
Muhammad Anshar, Farid Nasir Ani and Ab Saman Kader

26. Hydrolysis of konjac flour under subcritical water conditions
Pramote Khuwijitjaru, Intira Koomyart, Takashi Kobayashi and Shuji Adachi

27. Optimization of autoclave and microwave assisted alkaline hydrolysis for release of ferulic acid from biomass
Pimpilai Fusawat and Nuansri Rakariyatham

28. An expeditious and green synthesis of 3,3?-(arylmethylene)-bis-(4-hydroxycoumarins) catalyzed by 5-sulfosalicylic acid
Hamzeh Kiyani and Hassan Darbandi

29. Nickel-catalyzed one-pot, three-component synthesis of 3,4-disubstituted isoxazole-5(4h)-ones in aqueous medium
Hamzeh Kiyani and Heshmat Allah Samimi

30. Adsorption of natural product compound, goniothalamin, by dodecyltrimethylammonium-montmorillonite
Jirawan Noichan, Nithima Khaorapapong and Panawan Moosophon

31. Removal of p-nitrophenol from aqueous solution using synthesized silica-magnetite composite
Adekola F.A., Orimolade B.O. and Adebayo G.B.

32. Effectiveness of granular activated carbon for removal of sulfamethoxazole during ozonation
Javaid Akhtar, NorAishah Saidina Amin and Muhammad Usman

33. Rheological behavior and physical stability of caffeine loaded water-in-oil nanoemulsions
Faiyaz Shakeel

34. Physicochemical properties of chromium-doped titanium dioxide mesoporous and its application for antifogging materials
Hari Sutrisno, Ariswan and Dyah Purwaningsih

35. The effect of etching times on the surface morphology of p-type silicon(100) and on the diamond-like carbon/silicon solar cell performance
Santipap Mitrawong, Madsakorn Towannang, Kridsanapan Srimongkon, Pikaned Uppachai, Narit Faibut, Santi Phumying, Seksan Lowpa, Nattawat Ratchapolthavisin and Vittaya Amornkitbamrung

36. Effect of resin supporter on cross-sectional scratch testing of plasma sprayed thermal barrier coating
Hathaipat Koiprasert, Sirinee Thaiwatthana and Panadda Niranatlumpong

37. Uv-vis spectroscopic and dielectric properties of bismuth borosilicate glasses doped with potassium chromate
Jirapan Dutchaneephet, Pisutti Dararutana and Narin Sirikulrat

38. Physicochemical properties of magnesium-doped hydroxyapatite nanoparticles prepared by incipient wetness impregnation method
Jutharatana Klinkaewnarong, Sirilak Kamonwannasit, Piaw Phatai

39. Effect of vibro-milling time on phase transformation and particle size of zirconia nanopowders derived from dental zirconia-based pre-sinter block debris
Chana Sriboonpeng, Jeeranan Nonkumwong, Laongnuan Srisombat and Supon Ananta

40. Active sites determination and de-aggregation of detonation nanodiamond particles
Muhammad Khan, Li Tiehu, Aqeel A. Khurram, Ting Kai Zhao, Chuanyin Xiong, Zafar Ali, Turab Ali Abb, Asmatullah, Iftikhar Ahmad, Amjad L. Lone, Sundas Iqbal and Asghar Khan

41. Numerical solution for network simulation model of free convective heat and mass transfer from a vertical cone
Bapuji Pullepu and Immanuel Yovan

42. Convergence theorems for a finite family of l-asymptotically nonexpansive mappings in banach spaces
Birol Gunduz and Sezgin Akbulut

43. A third order method for solving nonlinear equations
Parvaneh F. and Ghanbari B.

44. Non-negative integer solutions of some diophantine equations
Somchit Chotchaisthit

45. An explicit analytical solution of the average run length of an exponentially weighted moving average control chart using an autoregressive model
Saowanit Sukparungsee and Yupaporn Areepong

46. An alternative goodness-of-fit test for a gamma distribution based on the independence property
Bandhita Plubin and Pachitjanut Siripanich

47. Assessing frailty survival models in describing variations caused by unobserved covariates
Walaithip Bunyatisai, Sukon Prasitwattanaseree and Lily Ingsrisawang