1. Pharmaceutical compounds: an emerging pollutant (a review on plant-pharmaceuticals interaction)
Hazem M Kalaji and Anshu Rastogi

2. Blazeispirol a, a chemotaxonomic marker from mycelia of the medicinal mushroom agaricus subrufescens
Naritsada Thongklang, Benjarong Thongbai, Sunita Chamyuang, Philippe Callac, Ekachai Chukeatirote, Kevin D. Hyde, Kathrin Wittstein and Marc Stadler

3. Assessment of indicator microorganisms and fungi: health risk in the saen saeb canal, thailand
Onanong Pringsulaka, Nuttika Suwannasai, Sirinthorn Sunthornthummas, Sukhumaporn Krajangsang, Siriruk Sarawaneeyaruk, Wanlapa Lorliam and Achariya Rangsiruji

4. In vitro antimicrobial and cytotoxic activities of mangrove actinomycetes from eastern thailand
Janpen Tangjitjaroenkun, Rungnapa Tangchitcharoenkhul, Waraporn Yahayo and Roongtawan Supabphol

5. Vibrio cholerae o1 el tor variant isolated from clinical and environmental sources in northeastern thailand
Bongkot Khaenda, Kiatichai Faksri, Warawan Wongboot, Thitima Nutrawong, Suwin Wongwajana, Chariya Chomvarin

6. Molecular phylogenetic and morphological analysis of a powdery mildew found on dalbergia lanceolaria in thailand
Sararat Monkhung and Chaiwat To-anun

7. An its phylogenetic evaluation of the penicilli branching type of penicillium as taxonomic character
Jin He, Jichuan Kang, Bangxing Lei, and Kevin D. Hyde

8. Production and characterization of bacteriocin-producing bacteria capable of inhibition of streptococcus dysgalactiae
Nalin Wongkattiya, Ian H. Fraser, Piyanuch Niamsup, Phanchana Sanguansermsri and Donruedee Sanguansermsri

9. Effect of y-irradiation on microbiological, biochemical and sensory qualities of commercial powdered cocoa beverage premix
Pradeep Puligundla, Kitae Song and Chulkyoon Mok

10. Inhibitory activity of food-originated pediococcus pentosaceus np6 against salmonella enterica serovar typhimurium in nile tilapia by-products
Siriyanapat Tasaku, Surasak Siripornadulsil and Wilailak Siripornadulsil

11. Biobutanol production from agricultural raw materials by clostridium spp.
Kitipong Wechgama, Lakkana Laopaiboon and Pattana Laopaiboon

12. Influences of buffer systems on enzymatic saccharification of rice husk holocellulose and fermenting ability of various ethanol producing microorganisms
Woottichai Nachaiwieng, Apinun Kanpiengjai, Takashi Watanabe and Chartchai Khanongnuch

13. Protective effect of propolis against pulmonary histological alterations induced by 10 nm naked gold nanoparticles
Mansour I. Almansour and Bashir M. Jarrar

14. Isolation and expression analysis of the flavanone 3-hydroxylase genes in lotus (nelumbo nucifera gaertn.), waterlily (nymphaea sp.) and transient silencing in waterlily
Chaivarakun Chaipanya, Kanjana Saetiew, Sumay Arunyanart and Nonglak Parinthawong

15. Chemical profiles and antimicrobial activities of thai propolis collected from apis mellifera
Sirikarn Sanpa, Milena Popova, Tawee Tunkasiri, Sukum Eitssayeam, Vassya Bankova and Panuwan Chantawannakul

16. Biochemical changes of the thai glutinous rice cultivar mk1 in response to salinity stress
Kuntida Duangsee and Sumontip Bunnag

17. A dietary supplement containing raspberry, l-carnitine, soy protein isolate, garcinia extract, cactus extract and chromium (iii) picolinate causes liver damages in rats: an acute toxicity test
Chanenath Sriaporn, Kanokporn Saenphet and Supap Saenphet

18. Persistence and alteration of the song structure of the oriental magpie robin (copsychus saularis) in some areas of northern thailand
Anirut Danmek and Narit Sitasuwan

19. Evaluation of biphenylalanine and its derivatives as potential hiv-1 gp120 attachment inhibitors based on molecular docking, cd4 capture elisa and cytotoxicity analysis entry inhibitor of hiv-1 gp120
Teow Chong Teoh, Hussin A. Rothan and Mohammed Rizman Idid

20. Landslide susceptibility mapping: effect of spatial resolution towards the prediction of landslide prone area in a tropical catchment
Wan Nor Azmin Sulaiman, Mohd Hafiz Rosli, Mohd Armi Abu Samah and Mohd Khairul Amri Kamarudin

21. Evaluation of treated and untreated sludge from yarn processing factory as adsorbent candidates for dye removal
Muhammad Abbas Ahmad Zaini and Noor Yuhana Jusoh

22. Application of multi-core encapsulated michelia alba d.c. flavor powder in thai steamed dessert (nam dok mai)
Rajnibhas Samakradhamrongthai, Prodpran Thakeow, Phikunthong Kopermsub and Niramon Utama-Ang

23. Polyaniline/wheat husk ash nanocomposite preparation and modeling its removal activity with an artificial neural network
Fatemeh Ghanbary and Ahmed Jafarian

24. Effects of processing parameters on properties of activated carbon from palm shell: sodium hydroxide impregnation
Sathaporn Bhungthong, Darunee Aussawasathien, Kittipong Hrimchum and Sa-Nguansak Sriphalang

25. Antioxidant activities and stability of seed kernel extracts from mango (mangifera indica linn.) cultivated in northern thailand
Nichana Nakpanich, Wantida Chaiyana and Pimporn Leelapornpisid

26. Antifungal activity of the essential oil extracted from zanthoxylum piperitum seeds against aspergillus flavus
Chorpaka Phuangsri, Nuchnipa Nuntawong, Hataichanoke Niamsup

27. Antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of a brown alga scytosiphon lomentaria
Xiao Juan Xu, Yu Zhang, Hong Lin, Chao Kang, Xiao Ting Fu

28. Carotenoid composition and antioxidant activity of extracts from tropical fruits
Vctor M. Moo-Huchin, Gustavo A. Gonzlez-Aguilar, Mariela Moo-Huchin, Elizabeth Ortiz-Vzquez, Luis Cuevas-Glory, Enrique Sauri-Duch and David Betancur-Ancona

29. Design and synthesis of caffeic amides by structure-based approaches
Chawannuch Mudjupa, Sewan Theeramunkong, Opa Vajragupta

30. Bioactivity, cytotoxicity and antibacterial evaluation of undoped, zn-doped, sr-doped, and zn/sr-codoped hydroxyapatites synthesized by a sol-gel method
Likit Temprom, Suphasinee L. Seet, Patcharaporn Tippayawat, Pimsiree Suwanna

31. Effects of rf power on chemical and physical structure of polytetrafluoroethylene thin films
Nopporn Rujisamphan, Roy E. Murray, S. Ismat Shah and Thidarat Supasai

32. The effect of maleic anhydride on properties of recycled high density polyethylene/tyre dust/chicken feathers fiber (r-hdpe/td/cff) composites
Supri Abdul Ghani, Hanafi Ismail and Emy Aizat Azimi

33. Properties and colloidal behavior of casting slip containing ratchaburi red clay
Anucha Wannagon, Watcharee Sornlar and Pattarawan Choeycharoen

34. Comparisons of gem-based neutron detectors with 10b/natb-coated cathode and ar/co2 (he/co2) gas flow
Kiadtisak Saenboonruang, Piyakul Kumpiranon, Jatechan Channuie and Thiraphat Vilaithong

35. Lipid peroxidation of escherichia coli by triplet non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasma jet
A. Hossienzadeh Colagar, O. Alavi, F. Sohbatzadeh

36. Design and analysis of peer-to-peer fault-tolerance approach in a grid computing system
Thagorn Tangmankhong, Peerapon Siripongwutikorn, Tiranee Achalakul

37. Comparison of the model selection criteria for multiple regression based on kullback-leibler’s information
Warangkhana Keerativibool and Pachitjanut Siripanich

38. The semi-parametric prediction in nonlinear-autoregressive model for annual ring width of pinus eldarica
Majid Kiaei, Seyyad Javad Mortazaviand Maryam Veylaki