1. Endophytic fungi from the medicinal plant, panax notoginseng, isolated from healthy and root-rot diseased individuals
Rui-Lin Zhao, Wen-Jing Li, Yin Zhang, Fu-Cheng Lin, Yong Wang, Jian-Zhong Yang, Kevin D. Hyde

2. Using green fluorescent protein fusion approach to demonstrate the putative laccase-encoding gene expression and an importance of 3’ untranslated region in gene expression in penicillium marneffei
Ariya Sapmak, Sirida Youngchim, and Nongnuch Vanittanakom

3. Culture conditions and some properties of pure culture of ectomycorrhizal fungus, scleroderma sinnamariense
Jariwat Siri-in, Jaturong Kumla, Nakarin Suwannarach and Saisamorn Lumyong

4. A phylogenetic analysis of thai hedychium (zingiberaceae) and development of scar marker for hedychium flavescens carey ex roscoe
Ratchuporn Suksathan, Somboon Anuntalabhochai, Siriwoot Sookkhee and Sunee Chansakaow

5. Isolation and cultivation of botryococcus braunii kutzing from northern thailand
Sunisa Boonmaa, Panmuk Vacharapiyasophona, Yuwadee Peerapornpisala, Jeeraporn Pekkoha and Chayakorn Pumas

6. Effect of media and salinity on lipid content of cyanobacterium hapalosiphon sp.
Suneerat Ruangsomboon

7. Effects of media composition on the production of linamarase from lactobacillus delbrueckii nrrl b-763
Ogbonnaya Nwokoro and Florence Onyebuchi Anya

8. Responses of water spinach on growth, morphology, uptake rate and nutrients allocation under high ammonium concentration
Sutthathorn Chairuangsri, Panida Rahong, Niwooti Whangchai and Arunothai Jampeetong

9. Effects of l-ornithine and l-lysine on alkaloid production from in vitro stemona sp.
Jessadaporn Ruangsak and Srisulak Dheeranupattana

10. Synergistic inhibition of listeria monocytogenes growth by virgin coconut oil, monolaurin and lactic acid in lab medium and fresh pork
Pussadee Tangwatcharin, Suchart Suksathit

11. Petasites japonicus ethanol extract inhibited collagen-induced platelet aggregation and thrombus formation in rats
Hyun Dong Ji, Taddesse Yayeh, Ji Young Park, Sung Dae Kim, Eun Ju Im, Bo Ra Jeon, Joo Young Lee, Jin Kyu Park, Seung-Bok Hong, Jin-Yong Choi and Man Hee Rhee

12. Validation of a hplc method for the determination of benzoic acid and sorbic acid in noodles
Jankana Burana-osot, Leelawan Arunsingkharat, Matsarin Naksuk, Supapan Naungnamjai, and Thanapon Saetun

13. Characterization of a simple optical chemical sensor for cu(ii) detection based on immobilization of lipophilized nitroso-r reagent in sol-gel matrix
Wan Elina Faradilla Wan Khalid, Musa Ahmad and Lee Yook Heng

14. Analysis of volatile constituents of fermented tea with bacillus subtilis by spme-gc-ms
Patcharee Pripdeevech*, Sakon Moonggoot, Siam Popluechai and Ekachai Chukeatirote

15. Proteolytic activity from duck intestine and pancreas- extraction, partial characterization and application in hydrolysis of chicken egg white
Sopida Panyanuan, Wunwiboon Garnjanagoonchorn and Saipin Thanachasai

16. Cyanuric acid- hydrothermal crystal growth and alternative crystallographic description
Sireenart Surinwong, Timothy J Prior, Apinpus Rujiwatra

17. Ternary blends of portland cement, bottom ash and silica fume- compressive strength of mortars and phase characterizations
Arnon Chaipanich*, and Watcharapong Wongkeo

18. Effects of zirconia content on leucite crystallization and microstructural evolution of dental porcelain ceramic-nanocomposites
Nolapan Vudhivanich, Attavit Pisitanusorn and Supon Ananta

19. Almost ultrafilters and compactifications
Ceren Sultan ELMALI

20. The padovan sequences in finite groups
Sait TAŞ and Erdal KARADUMAN

21. Dual plane and kinematics
Salim Yüce and Mutlu Akar

22. Stability analysis of epidemic model with varrying total population size and constant immigration rate
Thongchai Dumrongpokaphan, Tunwa Kaewkheaw and Rujira Ouncharoen