1. Sic coating on graphite by sintering of si deposited via dc-electrophoretic deposition (dcepd)
Hakime Salehi, Ehsan Marzbanrad and Alireza Aaghaei

2. Microstructural characterization of lean duplex stainless steel uns s32101 welded joints using electron backscatter diffraction
Zbigniew Brytan and Jerzy Niagaj

3. Application of flow analysis in improving gas nitriding conditions in a vacuum furnace
Thanaporn Korad, Mana Ponboon, Niphon Chumchery and John T.H. Pearce

4. Overview of flow analysis simulation in improving heat treatment conditions
Thanaporn Korad, Mana Ponboon, Niphon Chumchery and John T.H. Pearce

5. Increasing the durability of pressure dies by modern surface treatment methods
Jacek Sawicki, Marek Gorecki, Lukasz Kaczmarek, Zbigniew Gawronski, Konrad Dybowski, Robert Pietrasik and Wojciech Pawlak

6. Effect of isothermal heat treatment at 650, 750 and 850 c on the microstructures of lean duplex stainless steel s32101 welds
Zbigniew Brytan and Jerzy Niagaj

7. High temperature low pressure carburizing with prenitriding process - the economic option for vacuum carburizing
Piotr Kula, Robert Pietrasik, Sylwester Paweta, Konrad Dybowski, Lukasz Kaczmarek and Agnieszka Gladka

8. Reactive gas feeding technique in deposition of titanium nitride film by magnetron sputtering
Witthawat Wongpisan, Kanin Ruthairung, Autcharaporn Srion, Suphakan Kijamnajsuk and Panadda Sheppard

9. Effect of high power diode laser surface alloying of tool steels
Miroslaw Bonek

10. Feal and fecral as alternative coatings for nial
Hathaipat Koiprasert, Charlermchai Sukhonket and Panadda Sheppard

11. Characteristics of microstructure, microhardness, and oxidation of fsw and mig welded steels
Seul Ki Kim, Seung Boo Jung and Dong Bok Lee

12. Thermal spraying and its applications in thai industries
Panadda Sheppard, Kittichai Ninon, Siriwut Phetsantad, Maetee Khailaihong, Chalermchai Sukhonkhet, Hathaipat Koiprasert and Witthawat Wongpisarn

13. Thermal spraying in energy generation in thailand
Panadda Sheppard

14. Energy conservation and the application of renewable energy- recommendations for the heat treatment industry in thailand
Paritud Bhandhubanyong