1. Editorial- cmjs.40.3.13
Robert Molloy

2. Opinion order-disorder scientific philosophy-v
SK Srivastava

3. A comparative study on simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of agricultural wastes to bio-ethanol using two saccharomyces strains
Poludasu Rama Mohan, Sake Pradeep and Obulam Vijaya Sarathi Reddy

4. Anti-inflammatory activity of ethanol extract from the leaves of pseuderanthemum palatiferum (nees) radlk.
Taddaow Khumpook, Siriwadee Chomdej, Supap Saenphet, Doungporn Amornlerdpison and Kanokporn Saenphet

5. An exploration of fingerprint patterns and their concordance among thai adolescents
Somsong Nanakorn, Wibhu Kutanan and Kusuma Chusilp

6. Phytoplankton as a bio-indicator of water quality in the freshwater fishing area of pak phanang river basin (southern thailand)
Amphorn Sakset and Wanninee Chankaew

7. Effects of ba and naa on micropropagation and stemona alkaloids production of stemona curtisii hook.f.
Jiraporn Palee, Srisulak Dheeranupattana, Araya Jatisatienr and Sunanta Wangkarn

8. Identification and nutritional value of live feeds for ornamental fish from bangkok metropolitan markets in thailand
Supenya Chittapun, Darawan Ruamkuson and Mariena Ketudat-Cairns

9. Production of a rabbit polyclonal anti-elephant igg antibody for the elephant laboratory investigation
Preeyanat Vongchan

10. Efficiency of a tailor made no2 passive sampler and correlations of no2, pm10 and pm10 - bound no3- in urban air of chiang mai (thailand)
Chanakarn Khamkaew and Somporn Chantara

11. Single effects of reaction parameters in reactive extraction of palm fruit for biodiesel production
Ponsak Jairurob, Chantaraporn Phalakornkule, Anurak Petiraksakul

12. Micellar liquid chromatographic determination of sildenafil citrate in pharmaceutical formulations
Sujaritpun Jaipang, Dammrong Santiarworn, Saisunee Liawruangrath and Boonsom Liawruangra

13. Simple spectrophotometric method for determination of iodine value of vegetable oils
Thidarat Kruatian and Kritsana Jitmanee

14. Effect of different osmotic agents on the physical, chemical and sensory properties of osmo-dried cantaloupe
Phisut Naknean, Rattanawedee Maneyam and Aekkasak Kam-onsri

15. Co-precipitation of mefenamic acid and polyethylene glycol 4000 using the gas anti-solvent (gas) process
Manop Charoenchaitrakool, Siwaporn Suttikornchai and Thitima Songjitsomboon

16. Cell wall hydrolysis in netted melon fruit (cucumis melo var. reticulatus l. naud) during storage
Suriyan Supapvanich and Gregory A. Tucke

17. Logistic models and algorithms for a biomass transportation system
Pidchaporn Panyoyai, Chulin Likasiri, Pachara Tinamas and Wetchayan Rangsri

18. Global stability by output feedback control for a class of nondifferentiable uncertain nonlinear systems
Teerapap Kuptarat, Chulin Likasiri and Radom Pongvuthithum

19. Statistical quality control based on ranked set sampling for multiple characteristics
Adisak Pongpullponsak* and Peerawut Sontisamran

20. Surface modification of hemp fabric with sparked titanium and electrophoretically deposited cnts for reinforced polyester composites
Somjate Veingnon, Yaowamarn Chuminjak and Pisith Singjai

21. Theoretical investigation of superconducting state parameters of (ni33zr67)1-xcox bulk metallic glasses
Aditya M. Vora

22. The potential of electrospun poly(l-lactic acid) fiber mats containing a crude garcinia dulcis extract for use as wound dressings
Orawan Suwantong, Porntipa Pankongadisak, Suwanna Deachathai and Pitt Supaphol

23. Zearalenone contamination in corn for human consumption in kamphaengphet, thailand
Wachira Singkong, Hastin Ratanapol and Wachira Liamkaew

24. Changes in quality of liquid smoked-seasoned oyster during storage
Pairat Sophanodora and Suriyun Kaewjit