1. Order-disorder scientific philosophy -iv
SK Srivastava

2. Detection of staphylococcus aureus enterotoxin type i using qpcr
Chotika Jackranukul, Nathinee Panvisavas, Soraya Chaturongakul

3. Purification and characterization of fungal laccase from mycena purpureofusca
Shujing Sun, Yonghui Zhang, Youxiong Que, Bixian Liu, Kaihui Hu and Liping Xu

4. Development of an edible wild strain of thai oyster mushroom for economic mushroom production
Jaturong Kumla, Nakarin Suwannarach, Amornrat Jaiyasen, Boonsom Bussaban, and Saisamorn Lumyong*

5. Distribution and taxonomy of genus aconitum in kashmir- potent medicinal resource of himalayan valley
Neelofar Jabeen, Mohammad l Kozgar, Ghulam H. Dar, Abdul S. Shawl and Samiullah Khan

6. Optimal rain gauge network design and spatial precipitation mapping based on geostatistical analysis from co-located elevation and humidity data
Aksara Putthividhya and Kenji Tanaka

7. Evaluation of natural phytoremediation process occurring at ex-tin mining catchment
Muhammad Aqeel Ashraf, Mohd. Jamil Maah and Ismail Yusoff

8. Antibacterial activity and chemical composition of essential oil and various extracts of fagraea fragrans roxb. flowers
Patcharee Pripdeevech and Jarupux Saansoomchai

9. Development of sequential injection analysis using peristaltic pump and electrochemical detection for antioxidant capacity test by abts assay
Jakkrapun Kongkedsuk, Apisake Hongwitayakorn, Wannarekha Bootnapang, Nisachon Boonto, Rasamee Chaisuksant

10. Matlab process for validating amino acids on cd4 involving in darpin binding site from zdock molecular docking database
Tanchanok Wisitponchai, Piyarat Nimmanpipug, Vannajan Sanghiran Lee and Chatchai Tayapiwatana

11. Supercritical fluid extraction and gas chromatographic-mass spectrometric analysis of terpenoids in fresh kaffir lime leaf oil
Orranuch Norkaew, Kitsada Pitija, Patcharee Pripdeevech, Phumon Sookwong and Sugunya Wongpornchai

12. The study of learnability of the class of k-acceptable languages on gold’s learning model
Anuchit Jitpattanakul and Athasit Surarerks

13. Effects of reprocessing on the structure and properties of polycarbonate multi-walled carbon nanotube based electrostatic dissipative composites
Darunee Aussawasathien, Natcha Prakymoramas, and Dumrong Thanomjitr

14. Effect of milling process on microstructure evolution of tib2-al2o3 nanocrystalline fabricated by microwave synthesis
Behzad Aminikia

15. Flame-made tungsten trioxide loaded zinc oxide nanoparticles in hybrid photovoltaic application
Chawarat Siriwong and Sukon Phanichphant

16. Verrucospora vulgaris (agaricaceae, agaricales), a rare tropical species and a new record for thailand
Phongeun Sysouphanthong, Kevin D. Hyde, Ekachai Chukeatirote, Ali H. Bahkali and Else C. Vellinga

17. Production of probiotics streptomyces biomass from starchy wastewater
Suteera Srisamai, Phonlawat Srikhampa, and Wasu Pathom-aree

18. Screening of 50 microbial strains for production of ethanol and (r)-phenylacetylcarbinol
Julaluk Tangtua, Charin Techapun, Ronachai Pratanaphon, Ampin Kuntiya, Thanongsak Chaiyaso, Prasert Hanmuangjai, Phisit Seesuriyachan and Noppol Leksawasdi