1. Order-disorder scientific philosophy -iii
S.K. Srivastava

2. Editorial- cmjs.40.1.13
Wasu Pathom-aree

3. A new species of bactrachospermum, b. khaoluangensis chankaew, peerapornpisal et kumano, sp. nov. (batrachospermales, rhodophyta) from thailand
Wanninee Chankaew, Yuwadee Peerapornpisal, Shigeru Kumano, Chatchai Ngamriabsakul

4. Suz-4 zeolite synthesis derived from rice husk ash
Napapan Jaroonvechatam, Pakkarada Sansuksom, Patcharin Worathanakul, Paisan Kongka

5. Characteristics of phosphate solubilization by phosphate-solubilizing bacteria isolated from agricultural chili soil and their efficiency on the growth of chili (capsicum frutescens l. cv. hua rua)
Worapon Surapat, Charida Pukahuta, Pongsak Rattanachaikunsopon, Tadanori Aimi, Sophon Boonlue

6. Several organotin (iv) complexes featuring 1-methylpiperazinedithiocarbamate and n-methylcyclohexyldithiocarbamate as ligands and their anti-microbial activity studies
Hasyiya Karimah Adli, Norliawati Mohd Sidek, Noraznawati Ismail and Wan M. Khairul

7. Effects of fine bagasse ash on the workability and compressive strength of mortars
Piyanut Muangtong, Suvimol Sujjavanich, Sansanee Boonsalee, Sumate Poomiapiradee,

8. Effects of calcination conditions on phase formation and particle size of zn2nb34o87 powders synthesized by solid-state reaction
Penphitcha Amonpattaratkit and Supon Ananta

9. Screening of volcanic cave actinomycetes for antimicrobial activity against paenibacillus larvae, a honey bee pathogen
Silvia Kay, Wasu Pathom-aree and Naowarat Cheeptham

10. Antioxidant potential of pleurotus porrigens extract and application in sunflower oil during accelerated storage
Hip Seng Yim, Fook Yee Chye, Mei Lian Liow and Chun Wai Ho

11. Antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of methanol, dichloromethane and ethyl acetate extracts of scutellaria lindbergii rech.f.
Bibi Sedigheh Fazly Bazzaz, Atefeh Arab, Seyed Ahmad Emami, Javad Asili, Mohamad Hasanzadeh-Khayyat and Amirhossein Sahebkar

12. Synergistic catalytic action of fe0, fe2+ and fe3+ in fenton reaction for methyl orange decolorization
Nidtaya Tantiwa, Ampin kuntiya, Phisit Seesuriyachan

13. Synthesis and evaluation of anti-tuberculosis and anti-cancer activities of hydroxynaphthoquinone derivatives
Wanthani Paengsri and Apiwat Baramee

14. Ideals in quotient semirings
Shahabaddin Ebrahimi Atani and Ameneh Gholamalipour Garfami

15. The np-hardness of the connected p-median problem on bipartite graphs and split graphs
Shun-Chieh Chang, William Chung-Kung Yen, Yue-Li Wang and Jia-Jie Liu

16. The k-nacci sequences and the generalized order-k pell sequences in the semi-direct product of finite cyclic groups

17. Synthesis and room temperature magnetic behavior of nickel oxide nanocrystallites
Kwanruthai Wongsaprom and Santi Maensiri