1. Hexanal vapours suppress spore germination, mycelial growth, and fungal-derived cell wall degrading enzymes of postharvest pathogens of longan fruit
Porntip Thavong, Douglas D. Archbold, Tanachai Pankasemsuk, Rumphan Koslanund

2. Editorial - chiang mai journal of science latest developments
Robert Molloy

3. Probability density estimation using two new kernel functions
Manachai Rodchuen and Prachoom Suwattee

4. The jasmine rice adulteration detection using physico-chemical properties
Sawidtree Pitiphunpong, Sirirat Champangern, and Prisana Suwannaporn

5. Effects of varieties, heat pretreatment and uht conditions on the sugarcane juice quality
Weerachet Jittanit, Somsak Wiriyaputtipong, Hathainid Charoenpornworanam, and Sirichai Songsermpong

6. Moisture enhancement of niosomes entrapped with mineral water in pig ear skin
Aranya Manosroi, Walailak Witkittilak, Romchat Chutoprapat, Hiroaki Todo, Kenji Sugibayashi, Worapak

7. Confidence interval estimation for right-tailed deviation risk measures under heavy-tailed losses
Monchaya Chiangpradit, Sa-aat Niwitpong

8. An iteration approach for the scattering of non-singular and singular potentials
Lalit K. Sharma, Narendra Chaturvedi, Letsholathebe Douglas

9. Monodispersity and stability of gold nanoparticles stabilized by using polyvinyl alcohol
Pichitchai Pimpang, Supab Choopun

10. Zinc oxide whiskers by thermal oxidation method
Kiattipoom Kongjai, Supab Choopun, Niyom Hongsith, Atcharawon Gardchareon

11. Isothermal phase transformation sequence in fe-22wt cr-3.2wt mo-6.2wt ni-0.037wt c cast duplex stainless steel
Surasak Kuimalee, John T.H. Pearce and Torranin Chairuangsri

12. Electrospun zein fibrous membranes using glyoxal as cross-linking agent- preparation, characterization and potential for use in biomedical applications
Orawan Suwantong, Prasit Pavasant and Pitt Supaphol

13. Influence of seasonality on the occurrence of myxomycetes
Thida Win Ko Ko, Steven L. Stephenson, Kevin D. Hyde, and Saisamorn Lumyong

14. Antiproliferative activity of berberine from coscinium fenestratum on nci-h838 cell line
Rudeewan Tungpradit, Supachok Sinchaikul, Suree Phutrakul, Weerah Wongkham, Shui-Tein Chen

15. Effect of chitosan and mordants on dyeability of cotton fabrics with ruellia tuberosa linn.
Piyaporn Kampeerapappun, Trongsu Phattararittigul, Sutida Jittrong and Dararat Kullachod

16. Effect of spices and herbs on the growth of pichia burtonii da 69, and saccharomyces cerevisiae biot 88 using the application of plackett-burman screening design
Phisit Seesuriyachan

17. Suitable growth conditions and nutrition factors on in vitro culture of phlebopus portentosus
Jaturong Kumla, Eric Danell, Boonsom Bussaban, and Saisamorn Lumyong