1. Chemical analysis of airborne particulates for air pollutants in chiang mai and lamphun provinces, thailand
Somporn Chantara, Sunanta Wangkarn, Urai Tengcharoenkul, Walaya Sangchan and Mongkon Rayanakorn

2. Treatment of fermented fish production wastewater by constructed wetland system in thailand
Suwasa Kantawanichkul, Seni Karnchanawong, and Shuh Ren Jing

3. Endophytic fungi from calamus kerrianus and wallichia caryotoides (arecaceae) at doi suthep-pui national park, thailand
Saisamorn Lumyong, Warin Techa, Pipob Lumyong, Eric H.C. McKenzie, and Kevin D. Hyde

4. Novel elastic nanovesicles for cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical applications
Aranya Manosroi, Pensak Jantrawut, Narinthorn Khositsuntiwong, Worapaka Manosroi, and Jiradej Manosr

5. Potential of nanocomposite technique for fabrication of smart ceramics
Rewadee Wongmaneerung, Laongnuan Srisombat, Rattikorn Yimnirun, and Supon Ananta

6. Variation under nature- a sesquicentennial dna barcoding perspective
J. William O. Ballard, Louise Puslednik, Jonci N. Wolff, and Richard C. Russell

7. Hepatotoxin biosynthesis and regulation in cyanobacteria – the putative involvement of nitrogen and iron homeostasis mechanisms
Hannah P. Ginn, Leanne A. Pearson and Brett A. Neilan

8. Developing indicators for floodplain wetlands- managing water in agricultural landscapes
Kim Jenkins, Richard Kingsford, and Darren Ryder

9. Optimising the purification of terpyridine-cytochrome c bioconjugates
Joshua R. Peterson, and Pall Thordarson

10. A conceptual design of fluorous surfactants based on a heterocyclic core, put into practice through synthesis of fluorous 1,2,3-triazoles
Roger W. Read, and Xiao Bei Wang