1. An overview of some issues relating to the accreditation process
Raymond Greenlaw

2. Notes on the primal submodules
Shahabaddin E. Atani and A. Yousefian Darani

3. Artificial neural network time series modeling forrevenue forecasting
Siti M. Shamsuddin, Roselina Sallehuddin and Norfadzila M. Yusof

4. Crystallization and analysis of perovskite crystals in ferroelectric-based glasses
Pat Sooksaen, Jiraporn Hongart, Tippawan Arsawuth,and Utumporn Meesukon

5. Adaptive control for a one-link robot arm actuated by pneumatic muscles
Tarapong Karnjanaparichat and Radom Pongvuthithum

6. Use of natural clinoptilolite for the removal of lead (ii) from wastewater in batch experiment
Achanai Buasri, Nattawut Chaiyut, Kittiya Phattarasirichot, Phetcharat Yongbut and Lalita Nammueng

7. Optimization of submerged culture for the production of naphthoquinones pigment by fusarium verticillioides
Kongsak Boonyapranai, Rudeewan Tungpradit, Sorasak Lhieochaiphant and Suree Phutrakul

8. Comparative membrane extraction methods for identifying membrane proteome of sw900 squamous lung cancer cell line
Piyorot Hongsachart, Supachok Sinchaikul, Suree Phutrakul,Weerah Wongkham and Shui-Tein Chen

9. Synthesis and characterization of dioxo-uranium(vi) complexes of some aroylhydrazines and their schiff bases with acetone
Didarul A. Chowdhury, Mohammad N. Uddin and Md. Akter H. Sarker

10. Imaging of high-angle annular dark field scanning transmission electron microscopy and microscopy studies of gan-based light emitting diodes and laser diodes
Makoto Shiojiri