1. Musings of a statistical consultant
Timothy E. O’Brien

2. A comparative study on properties and proteolytic components of papaya peel and latex proteases
Phanuphong Chaiwut, Sarote Nitsawang, Lalida Shank, and Pawinee Kanasawud

3. Sunflower seed meal as rumen-undegradable protein sources for lactating dairy cows fed urea-treated rice straw
Pramote Paengkoum

4. Application of electrocoagulation to the isolation of alkaloids
Nathaporn Phutthawong, Kanlaya Jampatong, Neeranuch Chairungsi, Sunanta Wangkarn, and Duang Buddhasu

5. Dirac equation - wave function and phase shifts for a linear potential
Lalit K. Sharma, and Lesolle D. Sebitla

6. Restricted-range frequency scanning of airborne reflected ultrasonic pulse amplitudes
Sittisak Siriwitayakorn

7. Electron microscopy study of the formation of dendrite cu6sn5 powders synthesized by solution route method
Siwat Thungprasert, Thapanee Sarakonsri, and Tawee Tunkasiri

8. Magnetic moments of octet baryons in relativistic potential
Lalit K. Sharma

9. Fesem analysis of bpsg films after reflow
Uda Hashim, Nik H.N. Hamat, and Ramzan M. Ayab

10. High purity polycrystalline silicon growth and characterization
Uda Hashim, Abang A. Ehsan, and Ibrahim Ahmad

11. Polymerizability of lactones calculated by molecular mechanics, semiempirical and density functional theory methods
Putarat Nimmanpipug, Ancalee Junkaew, Jitrayut Jitonnom and Vannjan Sanghiran Lee

12. The oscillatory zoning in grandite garnet from khao phu kha, lop buri, central thailand
Surin Intayot, Theerapongs Thanasuthipitak, and Panjawan Thanasuthipitak

13. Vulnerability assessment of groundwation resources, chinag mai basin
Terdsak Subtavewung, and Fongsaward S. Singharajwarapan

14. One step reactive and dynamic vulcanizate of nr pa6 blends
Thoranit Navarat, Manus Seadan, and Suwat Rattanapane

15. Performance of giant freshwater prawn reared in earthen ponds beneath plastic film shelters
Niwooti Whangchai, Thepparath Ungsethaphand, Chanagun Chitmanat, Kriangsak Mengumphan and Supattra Uraiwan

16. Comparisons of as-aq pulping of sweet bamboo and pulping by conventional kraft process
Suphat Kamthai

17. A direct current polarographic method for the determination of chlorpheniramine maleate in pharmaceutical preparations
Teraboon Pojanagaroon, Saisunee Liawruangrath, and Boonsom Liawruangrath