1. Relationship between urban morphological properties and ventilation in the intensely developed areas of inner bangkok
Sasitorn Srifuengfung

2. Property and antibacterial spectrum of partially purified enterocin produced by entrocinogenic enterococcus faecalis isolated from the gut of cockroach
Oluwole Moses David, Anthonia Olufunke Oluduro and Oladiran Famurewa

3. Characterization of crude thermostable exoinulianse produced by saccharomyces sp.
mmanuel Oluwaseun Garuba and Anthony Abiodun Onilude

4. Effect of cognitive apprenticeship instructional method on auto-mechanics students
Abubakar Mohammed Idris

5. Behavior, attitude and perception of water-pipe smoking of students in a private university
Kanyaphat Setchoduk

6. Graphene and communications technology
Dobri Atanassov Batovski

7. A comparative review of the second (1999) and third (2013) editions of the mobile communications handbook (editor- jerry don gibson)
Dobri Atanassov Batovski

8. Design and construction of a low cost digital weather station
Lanre Joseph Olatomiwa and Umoru Sam Adikwu