1. Screening of lactic acid bacteria isolated from fermented food for bio-molecules production
How to Use Mathematical and Physical Constants

2. Evaluation of mechanical properties of medium carbon steel quenched in water and oil
Jamiu Kolawole Odusote, Tajudeen Kolawole Ajiboye and Abdulkarim Baba Rabiu

3. Isolation of salmonella from natural sources representing high potential for biofilm formations
Manutsawee Tammakritsada and Tatsaporn Todhanakasem

4. The use of job’s tear (coix lacryma-jobi l.) flour to substitute cake flour in butter cake
Marco Kutschera and Wunwisa Krasaekoopt

5. Antibacterial activity of chrysanthemum indicum, centella asiatica and andrographis paniculata against bacillus cereus and listeria monocytogenes under osmotic stress
Nateepat Pitinidhipat and Patchanee Yasurin

6. Eco-marathon car driving pattern and miles per gallon
Akinola Abdul-Ghaniyu Adeniyi and Abubakar Mohammed

7. A 9-dof displacement analysis of a large truck plying a rough road
Akinola Abdul-Ghaniyu Adeniyi and Abubakar Mohammed

8. Extraction and characterization of soybean oil based bio-lubricant
Francis Uchenna Ozioko

9. Inhibition characteristics of watermelon oil on aluminium in acids and saline water
Nuhu Ali Ademoh

10. A remote controlled motorized white board cleaner
Tsado Jacob

11. How to use words ending in -al or -ar and their related forms
Dobri Atanassov Batovski