1. Editorial - aujt.15.2.2011
Narong Chomchalow

2. Influence of different nutrient sources on exopolysaccharide production and biomass yield by submerged culture of trametes versicolor and coprinus sp.
Bukola Christianah Adebayo-Tayo and Edwin Emeka Ugwu

3. Natural honey and nigerian gum arabic as composite binder for expendable foundry cores
Nuhu Ali Ademoh

4. Giant salvinia - an invasive alien aquatic plant in thailand
Narong Chomchalow

5. A review on modular mechatronic system (mms)
Narong Aphiratsakun, Virach Wongpaibool, Wutthikorn Threevithayanon and Kittiphan Techakittiroj

6. Admission policy and academic standard in engineering education at the nigerian tertiary education system
Mark Ndubuka Nwohu

7. Use of health line consultations among myanmar migrants, thailand
Khaing Khaing Gyi, Win Sint Sint Aung and Paulina Mu Pauline

8. Kinetics of fermentation by enzymes- a mathematical approach
Semiu Adebayo Kareem, Haruna Mavakumba Kefas, Ternenge Joseph Chior and and Ganiyu Kayode Latinwo

9. Development of an impact monitoring system for petroleum pipelines
Oluwafemi Ayodeji Olugboji

10. Design of microcontroller-based automatic school bell
Henry Ohiani Ohize, Elizabeth Nonye Onwuka and Ahmed Ibrahim

11. Thermophysical properties of shoe polish manufactured from pure water sachet
Charles Ugbede Ameh

12. How to use singular and plural forms (part two)
Dobri Atanassov Batovski