1. The diversity of biotechnology applications
Narong Chomchalow

2. The study of biosurfactant as a cleaning agent for insecticide residue in leafy vegetables
Churdchai Cheowtirakul and Nguyen Dieu Linh

3. The growth and survival of lead solubilizing strains of pseudomonas in the presence of carbon and nitrogen sources supplements in a lead culture medium
Hassan Adeyemi Sanuth, Adeniyi Adewale Ogunjobi and Obasola Ezekiel Fagade

4. A comparative study of methamphetamine abuse among pathological gamblers
Troy L. Bruner, David S. Moore, Diedra L. Clay, and Henry Montgomery

5. Using the worlds oldest oil as a remedy to cure emerging new diseases
Narong Chomchalow

6. Production and preservation of fruit juice from african locust bean (parkia biglobosa)
Mary Iyabo Adeniyi, Folorunsho Aberuagba, and Olalekan David Adeniyi

7. Modelling lnapl plume breakthrough and saltwater intrusion for a coastal site in the south-western nigeria
Oluwapelumi O. Ojuri and Samuel A. Ola

8. Effect of lime soaking and cooking (nixtamalization) on the proximate functional and some anti-nutritional properties of millet flour
Ocheme Boniface Ocheme, Oloyede Omobolanle Oludamilola, and Mikailu Esther Gladys

9. Pozzolanic influence of fly ash in mobilizing the compressive strength of lateritic soil
Agapitus Ahamefule Amadi

10. Adaptability of infiltration equations to the soils of the permanent site farm of the federal university of technology minna in the guinea savannah zone of nigeria
John Jiya Musa and Peter Aderemi Adeoye

11. Sample analysis of correlation of cost inputs of timber products in roof construction
Al-Amin Odoma Ejiga

12. How to use technical abbreviations and acronyms
Dobri Atanassov Batovski