1. Bit error period determination and optimal frame length prediction for a noisy communication channel
Georgi Atanasov Naydenov and Petko Stoyanov Stoyanov

2. Determination of length of growing season in samaru using different potential evapotranspiration models
Rita Ngozi.Edoga

3. Development of an apparatus for measuring angle of repose of granular materials
Ogbonnaya Chukwu and Fatai Bukola Akande

4. Development of electronic hygrometer system
Abubakar Saddiq Mohammed and Abdullahi Mahmud

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6. Effect of a konjac flour - soy protein isolate mixture on reduced-fat, added water chiffon cakes
Adisak Akesowan

7. Effect of coiled capillary tube pitch on vapour compression refrigeration system performance
Mutalubi Aremu Akintunde

8. Karyomorphological study of some selected cycads
Nitsri Sangduen, Mathanee Toahsakul and Vipa Hongtrakul

9. Practical limitations of break-even theory
Mohammed B. Ndaliman and Katsina C. Bala

10. The case study of 5 khz – 25 khz high frequency adjustment in converter circuit to generate ozone gas
Siseerot Ketkaew

11. Zeolites - earliest solid state acids
David Tin Win